Minor Mosque. Buy plane tickets to Tashkent
Supreme Assembly Oliy Majlis. Buy plane tickets to Tashkent
Independence Square. Buy plane tickets to Tashkent
Amir Timur Monument. Buy plane tickets to Tashkent
Senate of Uzbekistan. Buy plane tickets to Tashkent
Minor Mosque
Supreme Assembly Oliy Majlis
Independence Square
Amir Timur Monument
Senate of Uzbekistan

The most convenient way to get to the capital of Uzbekistan is to buy a flight ticket to Tashkent. The best money-saving option is to purchase a round-trip ticket. Flights arrive at Tashkent Southern International Airport (flight duration: about 4 hours). Please note that the best airfares to Tashkent usually sell out quickly, so we strongly recommend booking tickets in advance.

Tashkent is the largest city in Central Asia with about 2.5 million inhabitants. The history of Uzbekistan’s capital goes back more than two thousand years, and you can find plenty of cultural and architectural monuments in the city and surrounding areas. It has one of the most beautiful metro systems in the world.

You can relax or take a stroll on your own or with your beloved one in the shade of one of Tashkent’s many well curated parks.

General flight information Moscow   Tashkent

Distance between cities

2 794 km

Time difference in winter

+1 h

Time difference in summer

+1 h

Average flight time

4 h

What to see

The best way to see Tashkent is on foot. Start out from Amir Timur Square, which locals call the heart of the city. Each building on the square is unique: the Law Institute building is an example of 19th-century architecture, the Amir Timur Museum is dedicated to the times of Amir Timur and his dynasty and the International Forum House is a true 21st-century palace. 
The city’s symbol — the Tashkent Chimes, built in memory of the soldiers who died in the Second World War — crowns the ensemble.

Another famous Tashkent square is Mustaqillik Maydoni (Independence Square). You enter the square through the Arch of Ezgulik (the Arch of Good and Noble Aspirations). The marble columns symbolise a solid foundation on which the country’s independence is built, while the birds taking flight symbolise good deeds and prosperity. Make a wish as you pass under the arch and it will surely come true. 

The Monument of Independence: a bronze globe with the outlines of the country’s borders commemorating Uzbekistan’s sovereignty stands in the centre of the square. 
You can spend all day in the square, admire the many fountains, stroll along the Alley of Glory and take photographs of the city.

Lovers of art and culture will enjoy the variety of galleries, theatres and cultural events, not to mention the Museum of Astronomy, Museum of the Armed Forces, Museum of Health, Cinema Museum, State Museum of Nature and much more.

 One of the largest museums is the Uzbekistan State Museum of Art where visitors can admire 18th-century European art, Oriental art and masterpieces of 20th-century Uzbek artists. Visit the Museum of Applied Arts to see its rich collection of porcelain, glass, jewellery, embroidery and carpets.