Sultan Ahmet Mosque. Buy plane tickets to Turkey
Cappadocia. Buy plane tickets to Turkey
Maiden's Tower. Buy plane tickets to Turkey
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Sultan Ahmet Mosque
Maiden's Tower
Turkish Tea
Spice Bazaar
Turkish Lira (TRY)
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Turkey is a mystery: it’s old and new, Asian and European, noisy and quiet. The country contains the heritage of three fascinating empires, the Roman, the Byzantine and the Ottoman, with many unique artifacts from these vanished civilizations: antique palaces, the first Christian sanctuaries and medieval minarets. Turkish landscapes are picturesque and varied, from snow-covered mountains to green valleys, from blooming gardens to dry plains. Turkey is also a country of three seas: the Black, the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

This country is perfect for those who love sunbathing on the seaside, and combining that with excursions and the chance to enjoy great service. Turkey is primarily a destination for beach vacations, but the country is also rich with historical and natural landmarks. Here, you can go on a thrilling boat ride along the coast, ski down a mountain slope, treat yourself to a Turkish bath or haggle at an Oriental bazaar.

Aeroflot offers direct flights to two Turkish cities, Istanbul (the flight takes about 4 hours), and Antalya (3h 40m). Round-trip tickets to Turkey are the most cost-effective option. The cheapest tickets tend to sell out early, so we recommend booking in advance.