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How to pay by Yandex.Money


You can pay electronic air tickets by Yandex.Money immediately after creating the order. It is not very difficult to do, payments by Yandex.Money are flash and no commission payment will be taken from you.

How to pay your ticket by Yandex.Money?

To pay your ticket by Yandex.Money just chooses “Yandex. Money” as the means of payment when booking the ticket and follow the instructions on the monitor. You will be forwarded to the website of Yandex. Money where you can finish your payment.

Besides, you can book tickets in advance on the Aeroflot Company site and the pay it on the payment system site. The only thing you need to do is to print you reservation number.

Pay attention!

As per the legislation of the Russian federation the users who have not done the identification procedure can make single payments not more than 15,000 RUR. If you are going to make large purchases you have to become the identified user of Yandex.Money. Если вы планируете делать покупки на большие суммы, вам необходимо стать идентифицированным пользователем Яндекс.Денег. More details on advantages and ways of identification read on the payment system site.

Ticket return

To return your ticket you need to refer to Aeroflot Company by the phone +7 (495) 223 5555 (in Moscow) or +7 (800) 333 5555 (across Russia). After execution of return monetary funds[*] will be returned to the account at Yandex. Money from which the ticket was paid before.

[*]the sum to be returned is calculated in accordance with the Rules of applying Aeroflot Company’s rates.

In case of any problem refer to the support system of Yandex. Money and they will surely help you.

If you still do not have the account at Yandex.Money you should open it – it takes only few minutes.

How to open the account at Yandex.Money?

  1. First of all you have to sign up at Yandex (if you have the e-mail address at Yandex.Mail but do not have the account at Yandex.Money you can immediately go to the p.2).
  2. When the registration will be completed go to the link “Start using Yandex. Money” (or click the button “Open the account” at the home page of Yandex.Money). To get the account you have to create the pay- password which will be used for confirmation of the writing-off.

So, you have the account at Yandex.Money. To start the payments you need load the account or attach any bank card to this account to pay by it.

To load the account can be done: