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The instruction on payment of air tickets by bank transfer in euro

What is Invoicebox?

Invoicebox is a group of companies specializing in the development of electronic sale systems, it works worldwide. Invoicebox is an agent of Aeroflot Airlines.

Warning!  The bank transfer fee is paid by the payer!

InvoiceBox is supported in English and Russian.

Payment in Euros is possible in the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, England.

Please, pay attention: if you want to pay the bill in Euro from outside the European Union, the money can arrive to the bank account after the expiration of the fixed payment term and after the reservation validity period termination. The payment date is the date of money arrival to the Invoicebox OU bank account.

If you are late with the bill payment or pay the bill from outside the European Union, you should extend the payment term. For the payment term prolongation, you need to provide guarantee blocking of money on your credit or debit card. After the successful money blocking on the card, the ticket will be issued immediately, and the payment term will be prolonged for 24 hours. After you pay the bill and the payment arrives to the Invoicebox bank account, the money will be unblocked on the card. For the bill payment prolongation, it is necessary to enter the bill number into the CHECK OR PAY MY BILL field on the www.invoicebox.ru website and follow the instructions.

Payment instruction:

  1. Book a ticket on the website www.aeroflot.ru.
    When ordering, choose "GET BILL for bank transfer" as a payment way, then choose the "Confirm" button.
  2. If less than 3 days are left before the departure date or in the case of booking term restrictions in the applied transportation tariff, you need to provide guarantee blocking of money on your Visa or MasterCard payment card for the bill issuing. You will be warned about the need for the guarantee blocking by an additional announcement placed before the payer data form.


    According to application rules, the tariff chosen has a short booking term. In the next step, the invoice issuing for payment by organization will require guarantee blocking of money with the use of bank card.

    After the bill payment, the money will be unblocked on the card. The money unblocking term depends on the emitting bank for the card used in the air ticket payment and can be up to forty working days.
  3. For the bill issuing and receipt, please fill the fields:
    • Specify the mobile phone number. If you complete the bill repeatedly, some fields are filled automatically; please check the relevance of your data in the fields and make corrections if necessary.
    • Fill the field with the IBAN number or payer’s account (it is very important to fill this field since identification of your payment will be performed according to the IBAN number or payer’s account).
    • Fill the field with the name and address of the organization.

  4. If money blocking is needed, you will be offered to go to the bank’s page for the card data entering. Connection with the payment gateway and information transfer is performed in protected mode using the SSL encryption protocol.

  5. In the case of the bill execution without the need for money blocking or after successful money blocking, print out the bill from the confirmation page or from the letter sent to your e-mail address specified in the booking form.

  6. The booking should be paid no later than the term specified in the account.
    Warning! If the ticket issuing requires the money blocking on Visa or MasterCard payment card, the cashless payment bill and booking will be cancelled within 25 minutes if the blocking is not performed.
  7. After the payment arrival or after the successful money blocking on the payment card, payment confirmation and electronic ticket receipt will be sent to the e-mail address specified in the booking form.

Air ticket returning and money reception

For the air ticket return procedure implementation, please contact the nearest Aeroflot office or the PJSC "Aeroflot" Information and Booking Service:

AFL European contacts

The money will be returned to the checking account of the company, from which the transportation payment was made, within three banking days from the moment of the return registration by the airline.

If you need information on the payment, use a contact form on the website www.invoicebox.ru. The support language is English.