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Rules for using electronic devices on board


Now You don’t need to switch off your mobile phone or tablet during take-off and landing. Just switch your device to Offline Mode (Airplane Mode) or turn off cellular transmission.     


Please read the rules for using electronic devices during the flight so as to avoid interference with on-board instruments and aircraft systems.   

The following electronic devices can be used during the entire flight: electronic watches, cameras, camcorders, portable dictaphones, and other electronic devices that do not have GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth functions, hearing aids, pacemakers, and other handheld/portable equipment required for medical purposes (in agreement with the airline at the ticket booking stage).  


If your electronic device (music player, game console, camera) has a data communication function (Wi-Fi / Bluetooth, etc.), you may use it on board provided these functions are disabled.

Mobile phones/smartphones, tablets, e-books and e-games, digital audio/video players, and other electronic devices equipped with a transmitting function GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth can be used in Offline Mode (Airplane Mode) on board during the entire flight with the WiFi/Bluetooth function turned off; 

You may use laptops/netbooks when boarding and at cruising altitude only if Wi-Fi/Bluetooth functions have been switched off. 

All laptops/netbooks and/or other large-size electronic devices weighing more than 1 kg should be turned off and placed in your hand luggage at taxiing, takeoff, climb, descent, and landing.

Please use wired headphones if the device beeps. It is forbidden to use wireless Bluetooth headphones.


The following devices may not be used on board:


mobile phones/smartphones, and tablets that cannot be switched to Offline Mode (Airplane Mode),

These electronic devices may be used when “TURN OFF PHONE” sign has been turned off on aircraft equipped GSM/Wi-Fi

pagers, wireless Bluetooth headphones, two-way radios, including satellite phones, radio receivers, radio transmitters, walkie-talkies, portable television sets, amateur radios, portable two-way radio devices, toys/devices with remote control function and wireless microphones.

If the above-listed devices have a negative effect on navigation and radio communication systems and in order to ensure flight safety, the captain may ask passengers to stop using all electronic devices during the flight, with the exception of hearing aids, pacemakers and other equipment ensuring their health and well-being.

You may put your device into Normal Mode after the aircraft has arrived at the destination airport and the doors have been opened.