Corporate Loyalty Programme

Join our Corporate Loyalty Programme and start accruing points. Use points to pay for new flights.

Corporate Loyalty Programme

Do your employees travel often? Is Aeroflot their preferred airline? If both answers are 'yes', join our Corporate Loyalty Programme and start accruing points. Use points to pay for new flights. Buy more tickets, get more points!

Our Corporate Loyalty Programme was created with modern, dynamic companies in mind. Our clients are not limited by borders; they waste no time on their way to new achievements. Join our CLP and start saving up to 3% of the cost of your used tickets. Your savings will be credited to your account as points. Use points to pay for your employees' flights and cut your travel expenditures.

Reasons to join our CLP:

Премиальные билеты

Use your accrued points to buy tickets

Круглосуточный доступ

Book tickets through your account available to you 24/7

Простая процедура онлайн-бронирования

Book tickets online and pay for them with the method of your choice

Начисление миль

Accrue Aeroflot Bonus miles

How does the corporate loyalty programme work?

условия сотрудничества

Complete the application form on the Aeroflot website

Your application will be processed within two business days. We will send a cooperation offer to your email address.

условия сотрудничества

Read and sign the Cooperation Terms and Conditions form


Get a corporate account activation link

Бронируете билеты для сотрудников

Book tickets for your employees and start accruing points


Pay up to 100% of fares with points


The corporate loyalty programme is intended for small and medium-sized businesses ready to commit to buying at least 1 723 USD worth of Aeroflot tickets a year.
All categories of members can accrue points for flights completed after joining the programme. The points are awarded for flights operated by Aeroflot PJSC only. The points are calculated as a percentage of the total cost of the customer's fights and may be used as payment for air travel. When using bonus points for payment one (1) bonus point equals USD 1.00 (one dollar).
Points can be used to pay for any ticket issued through the CLP account. You can only use points to pay for the ticket fare, in full or partially. Any extra charges and fees must be paid by bank card.
Tickets can be returned or changed through Aeroflot's website, or the Aeroflot Contact Centre.
Yes. To do that, specify the 'through a booking agent' cooperation type in your application form. You will be sent the relevant Cooperation Terms and Conditions form.

If you have any questions regarding the Corporate Loyalty Programme, please refer to Aeroflot Customer Support:

Contact phone number

+7 (495) 664-13-30

Terms and Conditions of the programme

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