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CO2 emissions amount calculation methodology

This Calculator is designed to asses the amount of carbon dioxide emitted as a result of the travel itineraries of every single passenger flying on Aeroflot.To assess the CO2 emissions for each individual passenger the following data are used for each flight:

  • Total number of seats broken down by cabin class, i.e. Economy, Comfort, and Business
  • Actual number of passengers, and the amount of cargo and mail carried on board
  • Total fuel consumption based on kilometers traveled


The following formula is used to assess the amount of CO2 emitted per passenger:

Emissions formula

T_tot — fuel consumed to transport the entire aircraft payload

P_(pax/tot) — ratio of the weight of passengers transported to the total aircraft payload

N_seat — total seating capacity of the aircraft (not broken down by class)

K_(pax/seat) — statistical seat occupancy rate of the particular route

To assess CO2 emissions for business class travelers, the standard emission volume is multiplied by 2, as this class assumes more service facilities and a bigger baggage allowance when compared to the other classes.