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Specialized shipping for unique items

Specialized-cargo Aeroflot Cargo

Any Kind of Cargo, Anywhere in the World

Specialized is our solution for unusual cargo such as dangerous goods, perishable
freight, oversized objects or even live animals.


Specialized big

Provides the technological and logistical means to transport goods that are extremely
large, heavy or atypical.


Specialized dgr

Experienced carriage of dangerous goods as defined by IATA Dangerous Good


Specialized fresh

Controlled temperature ranges for safe transport of fresh products.


Specialized live

Transport of live animal shipments, as defined by IATA LAR, in optimum conditions of
safety, comfort and hygiene.


Specialized pharma

Controlled temperature transport for pharmaceutical products.


Specialized safe

Peace of mind for valuable and vulnerable goods as defined by IATA TACT.


Specialized wheals

Specialized carriage of all types of vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles.