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Whatever it is, it'll get there

SkyTeam Cargo can handle any kind of freight, even if your shipments are unique or unusual items, such as precious artwork, dangerous goods, perishable freight, oversized objects or even live animals! So if you have abnormal shipping needs, choose Variation.

  • Variation Art
    For shipments of precious artworks.
  • Variation Big
    Heavy, Big or atypical shipments.
  • Variation Dgr
    Dangerous goods as defined by IATA Dangerous Good Regulation.
  • Variation Fashion
    Garments on hangars.
  • Variation Fresh 1
    Any shipment requiring high-temperature control ULD.
  • Variation Fresh 2
    Perishables requiring more of a "cool-chain" service.
  • Variation Fresh 3
    Perishables requiring standard and basic handling.
  • Variation Live
    Live animal shipments as defined by IATA LAR.
  • Variation PHARMA
    The closed cool chain solution for goods requiring the strictest temperature control
  • Variation Safe 1
    Traditional Valuable Goods as defined by IATA TACT rule book.
  • Variation Safe 2
    Any cargo of strategic or high commercial value.
  • Variation Wheels
    All vehicle types.