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Cohesion SkyTeam Cargo

An attention to detail

SkyTeam Cargo created Cohesion to offer fully customizable shipping capabilities. Using a 3-way contract between the shipper, the forwarding agent and SkyTeam Cargo, Cohesion provides personalized information and handling guidelines specifically tailored to your freight needs.

Key Features:

  • A specific contract is issued for a determined period between the shipper, the forwarding agent and the SkyTeam Cargo Alliance member.
  • Privileged access to the capacity on the chosen flight.
  • Loading priority.
  • Fixed rates for duration of the contract.
  • Dedicated monitoring through a computerized tracking system, which alerts customer service should an irregularity occur
  • Recognition: individual customers receive personalized information
  • Customization: handling guidelines tailored to customers’ needs
  • Tracking: online shipment tracking with any SkyTeam Cargo member