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Information for CASS Participant

Dear Partners:

We are pleased to announce that AEROFLOT – Russian Airlines will join CASS in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Dominican republic, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, Romania and United Arab Emirates on January 1st 2013. From now on access to AEROFLOT’s belly cargo capacities will become available to all registered CASS forwarders and associates without the need for a separate agency agreement.

Our bi-lingual Russian/English Call-center in Moscow will take responsibility for sales of cargo services in said countries. The following information/services will be available through the call-center:

  • Complete information about AEROFLOT’s cargo services including flight schedules, rates and surcharges, cargo regulations and guidelines, etc
  • Air waybill serial numbers
  • Booking
  • Cargo track and trace
  • Amendment of air waybill
  • Other related information and services.

The following steps are required in order to ship on AEROFLOT:

   1. Route selection

Additional resources:

Route map: http://www.aeroflot.ru/cms/en/flight/ways_map

On-line flight schedule: http://www.aeroflot.ru/schedule/schedule

Flight details: http://www.aeroflot.ru/cms/en/time_table/information

   2. Air freight calculation

 *available from March 1st 2013

   3. Requesting air waybill serial numbers

   4. Requesting pre-clearance for special types of cargo

   5. Booking your shipment

  • Contact the Call-center
  • Sign-up for cargoWEB+ web-booking portal
  • Submit your booking request via FFR/6 EDI message from a certified Cargo IMP compliant computer system. AEROFLOT’s messaging gateway: CHACCSU (SITA) or aeroflotcargo@edi.champ.aero (e-mail). FFR/6 request must contain the following mandatory information:

MANDATORY FIELDS “FFR/6 020-1234567FRAJFK/T20K800MC1.5/SPARE PARTS LH0000/01JUN/FRAJFK/NA“ “REF/FRAGDLH DIM/K500/CMT50-50-30/10/K300/CMT60-60-20/10 CUS//2347998“

A booking request must contain the following mandatory details:

  • Air waybill number formatted as follows: “555-XXXXXXXY”, where “X” is a digit of the serial number, “Y” is a check digit
  • Flight routing including intermediate stops (if any)
  • Issuing agent’s name and IATA/CASS code (IATA/CASS code is allocated by IATA)
  • Quantity of goods (dimensions and weight of each piece of cargo, total number of pieces)
  • Nature of goods
  • Requested flight number and date (a break-down into parts/flights should be supplied in case of part-shipments)
  • Shipper details
  • Consignee details
  • Handling information, special handling codes (SHC)

   6. Issuing paper*/digital air waybill

  • Sign-up for cargoWEB+ web-booking portal
  • Print the air waybill off your own Cargo IMP compliant computer system and forward its digital copy as a FWB/16 message to the AEROFLOT’s messaging gateway at CHACCSU (via SITA) or aeroflotcargo@edi.cvhamp.aero (via e-mail).

*Note: each paper air waybill must be validated by agent’s rubber stamp on all original copies.

   7. Tendering shipment at our ground handling agent’s cargo terminal

      Depending on local requirements at the airport of departure, our ground handling agent may require you to produce a booking confirmation showing an exact flight/date.

   8. Submitting a scanned air waybill to Call-center

To avoid any billing errors a scanned air waybill copy must be filed with the call-center no later than the next working day after the shipment is tendered for carriage. File submission requirements:

File format: PDF, JPEG, TIFF

Scanning resolution: 150-300 dpi (all text and graphics should be visible and clear)

The file should be submitted via e-mail at cargobooking@aeroflot.ru. The subject must contain only the following text: “SCAN 555-XXXXXXXX” (replace the X’s with digits of the air waybill’s serial number without spaces or dashes). No other characters or text are permitted.

For quality control purposes please let us know of any problems you may encounter when contacting our Call-center. Send all comments/complaints via e-mail at cargosales@aeroflot.ruwith the word “COMPLAINT” in the subject field.

Thank you for choosing AEROFLOT as your air carrier. We are looking forward to serving you soon.

AEROFLOT – Russian Airlines

December 21st 2012