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Sanitary & veterinary regulations

Sanitary & veterinary regulations

If you are planning to take an animal with you on your trip, make sure you have all the documents concerning their health:

  • A veterinary passport
  • A medical certificate. This certificate is issued at any state veterinary clinic (Form No. 4 for Moscow residents, Form No.1 for Moscow region residents). The certificate contains information on inoculations administered to the animal at certain ages. The last anti-rabies inoculation must have been administered no earlier than one year prior and no later than two months before departure.
  • A certificate from Moscow breeding clubs (SKOR, RKF) stating that the animal presents no breeding value. Certificates obtained from any other clubs may result in a delay at customs.

Information about veterinary control

Passengers can contact the veterinary control service on (495) 578-76-53

Health control

If you are traveling to Asia or Africa, you should have preventive vaccinations performed on the animal, and obtain the corresponding certificates.

Information about health control

You can contact the health control information service at (495) 578-56-45, 578-56-75