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1.1. Aeroflot Bonus Family membership is free of charge and subject to terms and conditions of Aeroflot Bonus. Restrictions given below in these Terms and Conditions or published at Aeroflot Bonus website may apply.

1.2. Any individual above 2 years of age can participate in Aeroflot Bonus Family program. All family members may participate in accrual of bonus miles in accordance with Aeroflot Bonus Family terms and conditions.

1.3. The number of family members participating in Aeroflot Bonus Family program can vary from 3 to 7 persons.

1.4. The participation of a Family starts when the application form of Head of Family is registered with Aeroflot Bonus Family program. Miles are accrued for travel after the start of the Family’s participation in the program.

1.5. Every member of a Family that participates in Aeroflot Bonus Family program can have only one Aeroflot Bonus account. Simultaneous participation in different Aeroflot Bonus programs is not allowed. If the second Aeroflot Bonus account of a Family Member is detected, the account and the accrued miles can be cancelled without prior notification.

1.6. If no personal travel activity or transaction with a co-branded credit card is registered on Head of Family account within 24 months, the accrued miles are cancelled without reimbursement.

1.7. If the Participating Family fails to comply with Aeroflot Bonus Family terms and conditions, Aeroflot reserves the right to terminate its membership in Aeroflot Bonus Family and/or cancel the miles accrued by Participating Family and/or cancel the issued award tickets, both unused or partially used.

1.8. Aeroflot does not bear any responsibility for damage incurred as a result of illegal transactions with Head of Family account if the Secret Password of Participating Family Member was used.

1.9. When the miles for the first travel after registration in Aeroflot Bonus Family are accrued on the Head of Family account, a Welcome Kit is sent to Head of Participating Family’s address.