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How to earn miles

Miles are credited for travel onboard regular Aeroflot flights that was performed since the start of Family membership in Aeroflot Bonus Family program.

Miles are credited for tickets that were issued at eligible fares (in accordance with Aeroflot Bonus terms and conditions).

The number of miles to be credited depends on the booking class and flight range in accordance with Table of Miles and the established ratio of Aeroflot Bonus Family program.

The condition for accruing miles on a Participating Family account is the fact of travelling onboard regular Aeroflot flight.

If the list of Family Members is changed, the miles for flights are credited after Head of Family submits the updated list of Family Members by e-mail: bonus-family@aeroflot.ru.

Miles are not credited for: award tickets, free tickets, tickets issued at discount fares, tickets for charter flights. Miles for codeshare flights are credited only if the ticket was issued for Aeroflot capacity (i.e., if ‘SU’ code is indicated in the ‘Carrier’ box of the ticket).

Miles are not credited for lost or unused tickets.

Miles for used tickets are automatically credited to Head of Family account within 10 calendar days after the date of travel. Miles can not be credited if at the time of flight departure the number of Participating Family bonus card was not input in the booking.

The member of Participating Family can check whether the miles have been credited in full at Aeroflot Bonus website. If the information about a flight is missing or incorrect, Head of Family shall fill out a special application form, indicating the flight data, the number of Family Member bonus card, the last name and initials of the travelling Family Member, sign the form and send it by e-mail: bonus-family@aeroflot.ru. The application form shall be supplied with flight documentation: copies of the ticket and boarding passes for each flight segment. Passengers shall keep the copies of tickets and boarding passes. If a Family Member travelled with an e-ticket, a copy of an itinerary receipt (with an indication of flight number, e-ticket number, booking class and flight date) and copies of boarding passes or a booking printout are accepted for restoring miles.

Flight documentation is accepted for mileage accrual within 12 months after travel. Confirmation of mileage accrual is sent within 90 days after Aeroflot Bonus centre receives the application and copies of flight documentation. Aeroflot does not guarantee mileage accrual if the copy of a ticket or an itinerary receipt is missing.