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General conditions of Aeroflot Bonus Family

Individual Aeroflot Bonus accounts of Family Members are linked to Head of family account. The rules for family members’ participation in the program and the number of miles to be credited are determined by the Terms and Conditions of Aeroflot Bonus Family program.

Head of Participating Family accrues miles for travel onboard regular Aeroflot flights, flights of Aeroflot partners and flights of SkyTeam airlines, transactions with co-branded credit cards and services of Aeroflot Bonus partners. Extra miles can be accrued in course of promotional campaigns.

  1. Head of Participating Family also accrues miles for travel of Family Members onboard regular Aeroflot flights. The number of miles to be credited is calculated in accordance with the established ratio that varies by account type.
  2. Miles for travel of Family Members that are accrued on Head of Family account are non-qualifying.

The number of miles to be credited to Head of Family account is calculated in accordance with the established ratio:

  1. 100% miles for personal travel of Head of Family are credited to the account, depending on flight range, class of service and level of participation in the program.
  2. 70% of miles due for travel of Spouse are credited to Head of Family account.
  3. 40% of miles due for travel of Member are credited to Head of Family account.

Participants that hold Spouse and Member accounts may not accrue miles for transactions with co-branded credit cards, services of Aeroflot Bonus partners or promotional campaigns.

Account information is available online at Aeroflot Bonus website. In order to access the information, a participant shall indicate the account number and the Secret Password.

Miles are credited and restored at the program account in accordance with regular procedures of Aeroflot Bonus program.

Miles for an award ticket are charged off the account of Participating Family in accordance with regular procedures of Aeroflot Bonus program.

The scope of Aeroflot Bonus Family program can be expanded by involving Aeroflot Bonus partners: airlines, hotels, etc. In such case Participating Families will be informed accordingly.