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If the Company fails to comply with Aeroflot Business Club terms and conditions, Aeroflot reserves the right to terminate the Company’s membership with immediate effect and/or to forfeit accrued miles, as well as forfeit unused or partially used award tickets.

Aeroflot reserves the right to change Aeroflot Business Club terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Aeroflot shall exert any reasonable effort to inform Aeroflot Bonus and Aeroflot Business Club members of the changes in advance, by e-mail or postal address, and to publish this information on www.aeroflotbonus.ru. Aeroflot can not guarantee that the message is delivered in a timely fashion and does not incur any liability for damage resulting from delayed notification that may be caused by the settings of mail server, failures of Internet access provider or other telecommunication services. The date and time when the information is published on www.aeroflotbonus.ru (Moscow time) shall be deemed the official notification time.  

Aeroflot reserves the right to terminate Aeroflot Business Club programme. In the event of programme termination Aeroflot shall notify its members accordingly at least 2 months before the tentative termination date and to ensure the opportunity to accrue miles and redeem them for awards until the programme is terminated. Award tickets issued prior to the termination date can be used within their validity period.

In course of its membership the Company shall confirm the identity of employees whose travel was registered for mileage accrual on Aeroflot’s request. If any violations are detected, Aeroflot may forfeit up to 30% of the miles accrued on the corporate account by the date of such detection.

If a corporate card is lost or damaged, the Programme Administrator shall immediately inform the Programme of such incident. The card will be reissued for a 20 Euro fee within 3 weeks from the date when the request is received. Fees for card reissue are collected at Aeroflot sales offices in Moscow or elsewhere, at a currency exchange rate applied by Aeroflot.

If any disputes on the interpretation and application of Aeroflot Business Club rules, terms and conditions arise as a result of inaccurate translation, the Russian version of the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and other documents shall prevail.

Resolution of disputes between Aeroflot and Aeroflot Business Club members is governed by the Russian legislation.

Illegitimately credited miles and/or granted awards are not valid and shall be forfeited. Aeroflot holds the right to debit the miles from the corporate account in compensation for an illegitimately granted award. If the amount of miles on the account is not sufficient, Aeroflot will also debit the miles accrued for subsequent flights.