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General Terms & Conditions

Miles are credited to the Company’s corporate account every time its employees travel on flights operated by Aeroflot. The number of accrued miles may depend on flight distance and class of service.

The Company’s employees contribute to mileage accrual on the corporate account by means of individual participation in Aeroflot Bonus. The conditions of their participation and the number of credited miles are governed by Aeroflot Bonus rules.

Miles are credited to the Company’s account and the employee’s personal account simultaneously. Mileage accrual on corporate account does not affect the personal account of an employee.

The number of miles to be credited to the Company’s account is determined by the following principles:

  • If the Company holds a corporate contract with Aeroflot (see Clause 1.4), mileage percentage is indicated in the contract at the time of its signature.
  • If the Company is not under contract with Aeroflot (according to article 1.4.), mileage percentage is specified in course of bilateral negotiations after the application form is submitted and depends on the total sum of the accumulated miles:
    • Balance up to 5000 miles — 5%.
    • Balance from 5000 miles up to 10 000 miles — 10%.
    • Balance from 10 000 miles up to 15 000 miles — 15%.
    • Balance from 15 000 miles — 20%.

Miles will be credited for travel on Aeroflot flights only. Miles accrued by individual Aeroflot Bonus members for special offers do not affect the Company’s corporate account in Aeroflot Business Club, unless otherwise stated.

Miles accrued on different corporate accounts can not be combined or transferred to another Company’s corporate account, an employee’s individual account in Aeroflot Bonus or another bonus program.

Corporate account status can be traced online through www.aeroflotbonus.ru. To access the account, please login with a number of corporate account and a Secret Password.

Miles from the corporate account are redeemed through normal Aeroflot Bonus procedure.

Aeroflot Business Club program can be further expanded by attracting partners — other airlines, hotel groups, etc. In the event thereof, Member Companies will be informed accordingly.