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Aeroflot Bonus News

27 September 2010

Visa – Aeroflot Joint Action

Dear members!

This is for the first time when Aeroflot airlines and Visa Company conduct a joint promotion for all members of the "Aeroflot Bonus" programme. All holders of premium Visa cards (Visa Gold, Visa Platinum or Visa Infinite) get 7% discount for any tariff.

The promotion is carried from the 27th of September 2010 through the 1st of April 2011 (or till the end of the bonus fund*).

To take part in the promotion it is necessary to get a coupon for a discount in a personal participant’s account. If you are not a member of "Aeroflot Bonus" programme, you can register now.

*You can learn the details of the promotion here.

  1. The name of the action is “Joint promo-action of Aeroflot and Visa” (further in this text – the “Action”).
  2. Information about the organizers of the Action.

    Action’s organizers are Joint-Stock company “Aeroflot – Russian Airlines” (JSC Aeroflot) and VISA INTERNATIONAL SERVICE ASSOCIATION (further here – together the “Organizers” and solely the “Organizer”).

  3. Period of Action.

    The Action will be held from 27 September 2010 till 01 April 2011 (inclusive).

  4. The Actions’ description.

    Each participant of Aeroflot Bonus programme paid by the premium cards of Visa payment system (Visa Gold, Visa Premium, Visa Infinite – further – “Premium Visa cards”) for the ticket at the site www.aeroflot.ru from 27 September 2010 till 01 April 2011 shall get a 7% discount from the price of Aeroflot ticket of any class.

  5. How to participate.

    5.1 To participate you have to be a legally capable citizen using Premium Visa cards issued in the Russian Federation and at the same time to be a participant of Aeroflot Bonus programme (further – the “Participant”).

    5.2 To participate in the Action, you need:

    5.2.1. To be a legally capable person and a person of legal age, citizen of any state;

    5.2.2 To hold a Premium Visa card;

    5.2.3 To be or to become a Participant of Aeroflot Bonus Programme within the Action’s period;

    5.2.4 To buy a ticket at the site www.aeroflot.ru during the Action’s period (from 27 September 2010 till 01 April 2011), to be paid by a Premium Visa card for it; only eight tickets can be paid for with one Premium card;

    5.2.5 To state a valid number of Participant of Aeroflot Bonus Programme when buying an electronic ticket at the site www.aeroflot.ru;

    5.2.6 To indicate the action promo-code (station code) VIS01 and coupon numbers for a discount when buying a ticket which you can get in your personal cabinet on the sites www.aeroflot.ru, www.aeroflotbonus.ru and enter the first six and last four figures of Premium Visa Card numbers. For one Participant’s number and for one Premium Visa card, you can get no more than eight (8) Discount numbers. Aeroflot is responsible for granting the Discounts subject to these Regulations;

    5.3 The Organizers are entitled for early termination of the Action. Should the Action be terminated earlier, then the Organizers shall publish at the sites www.aeroflot.ru, www.aeroflotbonus.ru and Visa’s site a notification of the Action’s termination.

    5.4 The discount will be granted by Aeroflot subject to indication of a valid Participant number during booking and ticket buying at www.aeroflot.ru.

  6. Rights and obligations of participants of Action:

    6.1 The participant of the Action is entitled to get information about the Action in accord with these Promo-Action Regulations (further – “Regulations”).

    6.2 The Participants shall comply with all requirements of the Action within the terms stated in these Regulations.

  7. Rights and obligations of Organizers of the Action:

    7.1 Aeroflot shall grant a guaranteed Discount to a Participant as per these Regulations.

    7.2 All informational queries about the Action shall be addressed to a special Visa’s phone line at 8 800-700-7976 or to Aeroflot e-mail address bonus@aeroflot.ru. Queries about discount accrual shall be addressed to Aeroflot e-mail address bonus@aeroflot.ru.

Attention! Russian version of regulation is prevailing.