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Aeroflot Bonus News

16 November 2018

Black Friday special offer

Earn increased amount of miles for buying goods on the following websites: Lamoda, Dellivery Club, Asos, MyToys, OBI, Sportmaster. Miles are created only if you visit online stores using special links only from that news.

Terms of promotion:
- 1 mile per each 11 ₽ spent on Lamoda;
- 1 mile per each 5 ₽ spent (on first order); 1 mile per each 11 ₽ spent (when reordering) on Delivery Club;
- 1 mile per each 12 ₽ spent Asos;
- 1 mile per each 7 ₽ spent on MyToys;
- 1 mile per each 11 ₽ spent on OBI;
- 1 mile per each 13 ₽ spent on Sportmaster;
- promotion period on Lamoda, Dellivery Club, Asos, MyToys, OBI: 22.11.2018 – 29.11.2018;
- promotion period on Sportmaster: 26.11.2018 – 29.11.2018;
- before completing the order please make sure that your shopping cart in the online store is empty (in case if there are already some items in your shopping cart, please delete them and re-enter the online store using the link on this page);
- before visiting please make sure that Cookie files are accepted and stored by your browser, remove any add blocking software like AdBlock etc;
- miles will not be credited when the online store is accessed through the banners, links in the newsletters or any other resources except this website;
- miles are not credited if you are using mobile device to access the online store;
- this offer is not valid in conjunction with any other discounts or promo-codes. To have the miles credited to your account please avoid using other promo offers when completing your purchase at the online store.