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Aeroflot Bonus News

03 November 2017

Gift your close ones with miles

Transfer your miles to another Aeroflot Bonus members with “Miles Transfer” service!


Terms and conditions

1. To use the Service, a Member must have a certain number of Miles on his/her account, as well as at least one scheduled Aeroflot flight paid at a fare validated for Miles accrual in the Programme, and completed over the past twenty four (24) months.
2. The account of a Member who wishes to transfer Miles must be registered in the Aeroflot Bonus Programme at least 90 days before the date of the Miles transfer.
3. A Member can transfer a maximum of 50,000 Miles in a calendar year and a maximum of 5,000 Miles per transaction. The number of Miles to be transferred must be a multiple of 500. Miles exceeding this limit shall not be transferred from the account.
4. A Recipient can receive a maximum of 50,000 Miles from one or more Member accounts in a calendar year; the maximum number of transfers allowed per Member is 10 in a calendar year.
5. Transferred Miles are non-qualifying and shall not count towards Elite Level classification in the Programme.
6. The use of transferred miles is governed by the Aeroflot Bonus Programme Rules, published online at www.aeroflot.ru in the Aeroflot Bonus section. Transferred miles can be used to receive all kinds of Awards.
7. Miles transfer does not guarantee the availability of Awards. PJSC Aeroflot does not bear any obligations or liabilities in the event that a Member is unable to use transferred Miles to receive Awards due to limited availability during periods of heightened demand or failure to comply with the Aeroflot Bonus Programme Rules as applicable to Awards.
8. The fee for the Miles Transfer Service can be paid in cash (rubles) by all Members and/or in Miles by Elite level Members; the fee amount is shown on the Member’s Personal Account when the Service is requested in the Spend Miles section.
The Miles Transfer fee payable in cash is calculated as a fixed amount in rubles per transaction, and amounts to 600 rubles. Payment is made in rubles. 9. The option to pay the Miles Transfer fee in Miles is available to Elite level Members with the following restriction and subject to clause 3 of the Rules: o Silver Members — no more than 10,000 Miles of the Miles limit allowed in a calendar year; o Gold Members — no more than 20,000 Miles of the Miles limit allowed in a calendar year; o Platinum Members — no more than 30,000 Miles of the Miles limit allowed in a calendar year. The Miles Transfer fee is 20% of the number of Miles transferred per transaction.
10. The Miles Transfer Service cannot be revoked once rendered; the Service is deemed to have been rendered upon the transfer of Miles; transferred Miles and the Service fee cannot be returned/repaid to a Member.
11. Miles, including those transferred under the Service, may not be used for commercial purposes, including the sale/resale of Miles to third parties. PJSC Aeroflot reserves the right to annul Miles already accrued, block and/or cancel Member accounts, and withdraw the Elite level status of a Member and/or Recipient without reimbursement of any expenses and/or amounts.
12. If it is revealed that Miles have been used to obtain Awards (including Bonus tickets) in violation of the Rules, PJSC Aeroflot shall have the right to cancel such Awards and Bonus tickets.
13. PJSC Aeroflot reserves the right to revise its fees unilaterally without prior notice. The text of the Miles Transfer Rules and amendments thereto is available online att www.aeroflot.ru in the Personal Account area.