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Aeroflot Bonus News

10 November 2016

Earn and spend miles with LUKOIL

Take part in a special promotion with LUKOIL till 09.01.2017 to earn up to 1 000 miles. Earn miles throughout the promotional period: make 6 refuelings for 30 liters of petrol or 40 liters of diesel on the card of the Club LUKOIL within a month and get a promo code for 500 miles.

You can also use miles for a special LUKOIL offer in the Rewards Catalogue.

Terms and conditions:

- Campaign period: from 10.11.2016 till 09.01.2017 inclusive.

- The action is divided into two parts, each lasts one month, starting from the tenth day of each month of the promotion.

- To participate in this promotion you must be a member of the Club LUKOIL.

- You can register in the promotion in the personal account of LUKOIL program.

- Each stage of promotion requires a separate registration.

- Promo code for 500 miles is sent within 30 days after completion of each stage.

- The member receives a promo code for 500 miles in 6 refills of 30 liters of petrol or 40 liters of diesel fuel on the card of the Club LUKOIL in a single phase.