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Aeroflot Bonus News

23 April 2003

On-line access to your account via WAP on your mobile phone

Each user of mobile a phone supporting WAP (Wireless Application Protocol- protocol of the wireless access to the information and service of the Internet through the mobile phones) can get an access to the information on Aeroflot regular flights schedule, as well as the information on the specific flight and Aeroflot Bonus program account directly from mobile.

WAP site address can be reached from mobile at http://wap.aeroflot.ru

Access to http://wap.aeroflot.ru information is free of charge. You pay only for connection from your mobile phone according to your mobile operator’s price list.

After the short welcome screen with Aeroflot logo you will see the WAP-site main menu:

WAP navigation is dependant on the specific phone model, so for precise instructions you should refer to your mobile manual, or your mobile manufacturer’ web site.

Aeroflot Bonus. Checking your Aeroflot Bonus account

For authorization in the system you should enter your Membership Number and Password then press “OK”.

If the information entered is correct you will get brief information on your current account:

  • Name
  • Tier Level
  • Balance - miles available
  • Qualifying Miles for the current year 
  • Flight Segments for the current year
  • Last 10 activities

Additional information you can get on your personal page on our Web-site.