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Aeroflot Bonus News

01 February 2008

Elite Club Gold Member news

Dear members!

We would like to propose to look at our Elite Club Gold memeber news.

New privilege - an additional possibility for getting premium tickets.

Aeroflot Bonus Gold Members have an opportunity of getting premium tickets for Aeroflot regular flights for double miles quantity started from February 1, 2008. This opportunity is valid only once in a year if seats in O or X class are sold or there are more available seats in other class. Member can transfer his double miles ticket to another person as well.

Some changes to Conditions and Terms of stay were done.

If you have Aeroflot Bonus Gold card, but you didn't have a chance to earn enough qualifying miles for prolong your Gold status or for Silver status confirmation you will automatically get Silver status for next year. Now you won't be transferred to Base level as it was in previous Programme rules. In this case you don't need to have 25000 miles or 25 flight segments for Silver status on your account Traveling with us you will still use your privileges. Next year you will prolong Silver status or make Gold upgrade.