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Aeroflot Bonus News

08 February 2008

Anniversary promotion! Aeroflot is 85!

Dear members!

On the Febuary 9, 2008 JSC “Aeroflot – Russian Airlines” together with the Russian civil aviation are celebrating their 85th anniversary. Today, Aeroflot is the most powerful and experienced airline in the Russian civil aviation, the enterprise, which is combining commercial success and high social responsibility.

On the occasion of the anniversary JSC “Aeroflot – Russian Airlines” we add promotional miles as a gift  to the members of Aeroflot Bonus programme, who have at least one Aerolfot regular flight* on his account for the past three years participation in the programme.

Non-tier  Aeroflot Bonus members will be awarded with additional non-qualifying miles according to the year of their registration in the programme:

From 1999 year - You earn 10 000 miles
From 2000 year - 9000 miles
From 2001 year - 8000 miles
From 2002 year - 7000 miles
From 2003 year - 6000 miles 
From 2004 year - 5000 miles 
From 2005 year - 4000 miles 
From 2006 year - 3000 miles 
From 2007 year - 2000 miles 
From 2008 year - 1000 miles**

Elite Aeroflot Bonus members will be awarded with additional Miles.***

Silver members - 10 000 miles
Gold members - 15 000 miles

* - according to the fare, eligible for accrual in the programme

** - members, who became programme participants and make a flight before February 29, 2008 inclusive

*** - not depending on the year of registration

**** - Bonus Miles will be presented in the Member’s account with the "SU" code and dated February 09, 2008