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Aeroflot Bonus News

27 April 2009

The new project of Aeroflot Bonus programme – Aeroflot Bonus Family!

Dear members!

27, April,2009 Aeroflot Bonus programme launched the new project for the whole  family – Aeroflot Bonus Family. Participation in the programme gives you a chance to accumulate miles  for flights made by all members of a family on a common account and makes it faster.

Flying by Aeroflot, members of your family show their personal cards and accumulate miles on a common account in the programme Aeroflot Bonus Family.

The quantity of miles depends from frequency of flights, distance of flight, class of service and the Head status in the Programme. Earned miles can be used for getting awards tickets on Aeroflot flights, on all SkyTeam members flights and Partners services.