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Aeroflot Bonus News

27 April 2009

The new partner of Aeroflot Bonus Programme - "MegaFon"

Dear members!

The programme “Aeroflot Bonus” and “MegaFon” are happy to announce joint cooperation under the program “MegaFon-Bonus”.

The program “MegaFon-Bonus” is a simple and beneficial means to get additional advantages while continue communication. The program allows subscribers to accumulate bonus points and to exchange them into communication services and other beneficial proposals.

Bonus points of the program “MegaFon-Bonus” are accrued to accounts of participating subscribers at the end of every month just for use of MegaFon services (use of information and entertainment services as well as roaming services are not taken into account by the program).

Now points of «MegaFon-Bonus» can be exchanged into additional miles in the programme “Aeroflot Bonus”:

  • Each 5 points of “MegaFon-Bonus” are equal to 1 mile in "Aeroflot Bonus” programme
  • 2500 MegaFon bonus points are equal to 500 additional miles in "Aeroflot Bonus” programme

To use the service “
MegaFon-Bonus” please contact MegaFon customer care center in your city.