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Aeroflot Bonus News

24 August 2009

Your priceless help!

Dear friends! On behalf of parents of seriously ill children we’d like to thank you for your regular invaluable help and support. Let us tell you about several more children who got tickets under the program “Charity miles”. Thank you so much for your help!

Dasha Zvonareva, 8, retroperitoneum neuroblastoma, Gelendgik

Dasha is 8 years old. She got sick in April last year. Suddenly she started feeling faintness and got fever. Ultrasound showed a liver spot. Dasha and her mom were sent to a hospital in Moscow where she was diagnosed with stage four retroperitoneum neuroblastoma. In Moscow Dasha went through punctures, tests, surgeries and chemotherapy. Then she had a bone-marrow transplantation. It’s a risky procedure, so all the doctors, parents and the little patients of course wait and pray for the transplant not to be rejected. Dasha spent a lot of time in a sterile hospital box. Then, not long ago the doctors considered her condition as satisfactory and let her and her mother go home. Every several month Dasha has to come to Moscow for examination. You helped to buy the tickets. Thank you!

Olya Gorfinyak, 16, medulloblastoma, Armyansk

Olya is 16. She lives in Crimea in a small town called Armyansk. Olya has medulloblastoma or brain cancer, she was diagnosed with it in March last year. She was preparing for the dance festival in Lvov but her performance was cancelled because of severe head aches, dizziness and constant nausea. Her mother took Olya to a hospital. MRI showed a brain tumor and hydrocephalus as a result of the tumor. In March 2009 the tumor was surgically removed in Burdenko Neurosurgical institute in Moscow. Histology showed that the tumor was malignant. The girl needed chemotherapy. The worst of all Olya isn’t a RF citizen so she has to pay for medical care in Moscow. The therapy was paid for with charity donations. In May Olya and her mother went back to Crimea to continue therapy there. The “Charity miles” made Olya’s trip to Moscow possible. Thank you!

Gulnar Azizly, 7, pilocytic astrocytoma, Baku

Gulnar is 7. She was born in a village near Baku. She’s the only child, her father is a salesman and her mom is a housewife. Everything was great till Gulnar started having severe head aches in May 2007. Her parents took her to a hospital where she was diagnosed with a brain tumor -  diffuse medullary astrocytoma. Baku hospital refused to deal with such a serious case. Her parents managed to take her to Moscow where in May the tumor was surgically removed in Burdenko institute. Gulnar went back to Baku for radiotherapy but didn’t get any help again. Her only chance to get better was radiotherapy in Moscow Radiology and Nuclear Therapy scientific center. The therapy was paid for with charity donations. And the charity miles you donated made her trip to Moscow and back to Baku possible. Thank you!   

Dima Aryutkin, 15, juvenile angiofibroma of the scull, Krasnodar

Dima is 15. He was born in Cossack village Kanevskaya, Krasnodar territory. Aryutkins were refugees from Chechnya, three kids in the family and their mother raised them alone. Dima didn’t have the most essential things while growing up. In 2002 a terrible disaster happened, the oldest son died in a car accident, he was 20. And then two years later Dima got sick. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He had a short treatment in Krasnodar and then went to Moscow for radiotherapy. Dime and his mother spent six month in Moscow, getting support from many people. And you helped them to come to Moscow from Krasnodar. Now Dima is back home. It’s early to speak of the full recovery but he feels ok. Thank you!