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Aeroflot Bonus News

18 September 2009

Saved lifes!

Dear friends! Our fund appreciates the help and support you give to the youngest oncohematological patients. One has to face a lot of difficulties treating cancer – for instance, it can be therapy-resistant, and no matter what doctors do, some tumors can't be treated. But in most cases a child’s life depends on quite particular things like money or medicines. So your charity miles are extremely helpful - for the patiens they are a chance to fly to Moscow (or any other city or country) for free to get medical help, for the doctors they are an opportunity to fly abroad for a medicine or a donor bone marrow they need. We’d like to tell you more about such circumstances.

Mansur Makhmudov, 5 years old, lymphoblastic lymphoma, Chechnya

Mansur is 5. He lives in Grozny with his parents and a sister. This March he was having stomachaches. His mother took him to the local hospital, they did the ultrasound and the next day he was operated. There was a large tumor in his abdomen. Such cases, as they explained to Mansur’s mother, couldn’t be treated in Chechnya, so the boy had to be taken to Moscow. In June Mansur was admitted to the 2nd haematology department of the Russian Infant Clinical Hospital. The tumor appeared to be a lymphoblastic lymphoma. Fortunately the lymphoma didn’t touch the vitals so there was a chance of improvement. After the chemotherapy courses the tumor has almost disappeared but there were other obstacles on Mansur’s way to recovery. He got severely allergic to the medicine he had to be treated with, Asparginasum – but without it the recovery was impossible. The only way out was to get a similar medicine, Erwinase, from England. Patients are not allergic to this medicine. But it is not registered in Russia, so it is not available inside the country. Mansur needed 3 packs of Erwinase. Thanks to your miles our emloyee managed to take a free flight to get this medicine. Thank you!

Elina Tretyakova, 12 years old, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Ukhta

Elya is 12. She got sick this March. She had a fever, lost her appetite, she got bruises all over her body. They first thought at Ukhta hospital that the girl had an ARD. They prescribed antibiotics and discharged her. But her pediatrician decided to do the blood test for Elya was very pale. The results were unexpected and terrifying. She was taken right from home to the hospital reanimation for a blood transfusion. Elina had a leukemia. Then she was admitted to Syktyvkar city hospital. She started a very difficult chemotherapy and after some time she had an allergic shock from Asparginasum she was treated with. Similar medicine – Erwinase – can be bought only abroad. The Syktyvkar doctors asked us to help them. People donated enough money to buy this expensive medicine. And thanks to your miles our employee went to London to get it. Thank you!