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Aeroflot Bonus News

29 October 2009

The invaluable help!

Dear friends,

On behalf of our fund we thank you for helping our children. We appreciate your participation in the ‘Mercy miles’ programme. Permanence is crucial for any charity. Children get sick every day and their parents turn to us for help. Every day a family needs tickets to fly to some city or even abroad. Some kids are sent home to have a rest in between chemoterapy courses, others are assigned to different hospitals for medical procedures. That would have been much more difficult without your support. So we thank you heartily and tell you about the three kids you’ve helped.

      Egor Levin, 9 years old, Ewing’s sarcoma, Tula

Egor got sick in summer 2008. His left leg bloated so he could hardly walk. The boy went to school on the 1st of September, but the next day he was admitted to hospital. First the doctors thought that was arthritis, but the films showed it was a more serious disease.   

A diagnosis was made – left thigh Ewing’s sarcoma or bone cancer. The long treatment course has begun. Bone cancer usually results in the excision of the affected area, otherwise the tumor may metastasize even after the chemotherapy. But now they usually prefer endoprosthesis replacement to amputation. Such surgery is very expensive. Egor’s parents were charged 2 million roubles for the operation at the Munich University Clinic. There was no time to waste, for there is a short period of ‘health’ after the chemo and during this period the surgery is only possible. So Egor had the surgery and the rehab course. You helped Egor and his mother to fly to Munich and back – for free. Thank you!

Bair Andruyshkheev, 2 years old, juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia,


Bair got sick at the end of 2008. In Lagan, his native city, the doctors advised them to go to Moscow. There the diagnosis was confirmed - myelomonocytic leukemia. He felt better after several chemotherapy courses but it was obvious that he needed a bone-marrow transplantation. At the moment they’re looking for a donor. Bair is an outpatient which means he lives in Moscow and attends the hospital several times a week. Recently he went to his home city for a while. We thank you for a free flight for this family.

             Tanya Mikhailenko, 5 years old, lymphoid tumor, Ussuriisk

Tanya got sick in the beginning of 2008. She was admitted to Vladivostok hospital and had chemotherapy. After several months of treatment she had aftertroubles with her eyes. She couldn’t see anything but the outlines of objects around her. In Jule she was admitted to Russian  Childhood Clinical Hospital in Moscow. There the doctors have found out that the tumor was difficult to diagnose and the Vladivostok's treatment was inefficient so the disease was in its advanced stage already. Now the girl and her mother are in Moscow, Tanya has a chemo again. Her younger brother is in Ussuriisk together with their father who works a lot due to the ciscumstances. Thanks to the ‘Mercy miles’ Tanya could fly to Moscow.

Thank you!