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Aeroflot Bonus News

04 February 2010

Period increased for miles crediting for ealier flights!

Dear members!

We have promised to bring you good news, and now we are glad to inform you that each new member joining the programme from March 01, 2010 * will be credited award miles for all flights on the regular lines of JSC Aeroflot or JSC Nordavia Regional Airlines made at a participating tariff during 6 months before the date of registration in the Aeroflot Bonus programme. All the credited miles shall be deemed qualifying miles. To recover their miles, a Member needs to submit flight documents in accordance with the programme rules **.

* - before March 01, 2010, award miles would be credited for one regular ‘there and back’ flight by Aeroflot made within 30 days before a Member’s registration in the Programme.

** - to recover miles for a flight with Aeroflot or Nordavia, a Member needs to produce the following flight documents: a copy of air ticket and copies or originals of boarding passes for each flight segment (please note that the flight documents will not be returned).  In case of e-ticket, miles can be recovered based on an itinerary receipt (which specifies: flight number, ticket number, booking class, flight date) and copies /originals of boarding passes or booking printouts which must specify the ticket number. Flight documents may be submitted to the programme by mail, fax, email or handed in via the nearest Aeroflot office.