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Aeroflot Bonus News

29 March 2010

Changes in Aeroflot Bonus rules: award transfer.

Dear Members!

Please be informed that taking into account the cases of inappropriate use Aeroflot Bonus Program Awards, and so that more Award tickets are available for booking by Program members, effective as of April 1, 2010, the following changes are introduced into the Aeroflot Bonus Terms & Conditions:

1. A new item has been introduced into the Redeeming Awards section:

‘The Aeroflot Bonus members’ right to transfer Award tickets for regular flights by Aeroflot and its SkyTeam partners is subject to the following restrictions:

  • Only the person owning a personal account under the Program who is transferring his/her miles can book award tickets for third parties at Aeroflot’s own ticketing offices, representative offices or at the Information & Booking Service; 
  • When you book or obtain award tickets for third parties at Aeroflot’s own ticketing offices or representative offices you need to produce a copy of passport of the person owning the personal account under the Program whose account the miles are being written off, as well as a copy of passport of the person for whom the award ticket is issued;
  • Not allowed is selling and exchanging award tickets as well as putting them out for auction, which is deemed inappropriate use of award tickets / collected miles (Commercial Use). JSC Aeroflot can at their discretion make a conclusion about inappropriate use of award tickets based on any information at their disposal, including that taken from publications in the printed and electronic media, or from reports or passengers’ complaints, or based on the results of internal investigations;
  • For the period  until a special notice, a Limitation is placed on the number of award transfers (the Limitation): no more than 10 (ten) award transfers per calendar year are allowed; the number of award tickets issued to a personal account holder under the Program for his/her own collected miles is not limited;
  • The above Limitation does not apply to Gold (Elite+) level members.

2. The ‘Miscellaneous’ section has been added the following item:


‘In case of Commercial Use, including the breach of the Limitation or other Award Transfer conditions under the Program, JSC Aeroflot reserves the right to take the following measures: suspend the Member’s account, annul all miles collected as well as all the issued but not used award tickets, claim a compensation from the Member for all the used award flights which were purchased in breach of the Program Terms & Conditions, in the amount of the published annual tariff. In connection with the measures taken, Aeroflot may send a notice to the Member, by email or fax, provided that the necessary data was submitted in the Member’s profile’.