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Aeroflot Bonus News

06 May 2010

More help to children – a new Aeroflot partner added to the “Charity Miles” project.

Dear members,


Since May 6th the Russian Aid Foundation of Publishing House Kommersant (Rusfond) has become the third partner of our “Mercy Miles” project. Rusfond was formed in 1996 as a charitable journalistic project of Publishing House Kommersant. A Head of the Russian Aid Foundation is Lev Ambinder, a councilor to the President of the Russian Federation for the development of institutes of a civil society and human rights, a journalist and a publicist. To date, Rusfond is the largest charitable project in Russia. Donating Miles to Rusfond you help returning seriously ill children to a healthy life.

All donations will be used to issue tickets for children with oncological, heart diseases, defects of peripheral nervous system and other hardest diagnosis and directed to the partner clinics of Rusfond in Russia and abroad.

You can donate miles by filling in the special application form “Application for donation of miles”.

Please read more about the Foundation on www.rusfond.ru.