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Aeroflot Bonus News

22 July 2010

Changes in Terms of Issuance of Aeroflot Bonus Award Tickets

Dear members,
Please be advised that as the terms of the Aeroflot Bonus programme are harmonized in accordance with the practices of SkyTeam alliance members, beginning 01.09.2010 changes will be made in the terms of booking and issuance of award tickets within the Aeroflot Bonus programme.

In booking an award trip (by contacting the call center, own sales office, or Aeroflot representative office), the following limits are set for the time period during which award tickets have to be purchased:

  • in case of booking less than 7 days prior to the departure date, the time limit is 24 hours;
  • in case of booking 7 or more days prior to the departure date, the time limit is 48 hours.

Owing to the new rules, the number of cases when an award ticket is booked but not purchased will decrease, and the award tickets will become more readily accessible for programme members. If an award trip is booked earlier than 01.09.10 (the date when new terms come in effect), the ticket has to be purchased no later than 02.09.10.