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Aeroflot Bonus News

22 September 2014

Aeroflot Bonus programme celebrates 15th anniversary!

We are glad to announce that Aeroflot Bonus programme celebrates its 15th anniversary this year!

Take your chance to participate in our limited time offer “Fly For Your Dream” that starts on September 23 and ends on October 13, 2014. Numerous prizes are waiting for you, but only the most active participants have the opportunity to win the main prize — 150,000 bonus miles!

Get even more from our special offers! As a participant of the Aeroflot Bonus program, within the period of this offer you can enjoy special tariffs Light Award and get award tickets on favorable terms.  

Here are the brief terms of our “Fly For Your Dream” offer:

  1. Register on our website www.aeroflotbonus15.ru within the period from September 23 to October 13, 2014.
  2. Play the game and answer questions.
  3. The number of playing sessions is unlimited — improve your result with every new game, raise your rank to reach the top list that defines the winners.
  4. Depending on the rank awarded, participants have a chance to earn 500, 1500, 10000 bonus miles or win the main prize — 150,000 bonus miles!

More information here