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Aeroflot Bonus News

23 June 2011

New Internet service for retro miles accrual

Dear members!

We are glad to inform you that the Aeroflot Bonus Programme has introduced the new Internet service ­- automatic system for retro miles accrual for Aeroflot regular flights. Now when you enter all the necessary information (flight number, date or ticket number) on your personal page at www.aeroflot.ru, miles will be automatically credited to your account within 2–5 working days. Online retro miles accrual is based on the specially designed automatic flights verification system. 

You can enter the flight information not less than 14 days and not later than 3 months after the flight is completed.

You can make a request via your personal web page only for Aeroflot regular flights performed under electronic tickets with code 555.

We draw your attention that if you enter incomplete/incorrect information or your personal details specified in the ticket do not match the information specified in the Programme automatic miles accrual system won’t be launched.

We remind you that miles for Aeroflot regular flights performed under tickets issued by other airlines and also for Nordavia or SkyTeam airlines flights, will be accrued if flight documentation is provided according to the terms mentioned in the Aeroflot Bonus Programme Rules.

To get your miles automatically credited after the completion of the flight do not forget to present your Aeroflot Bonus card while booking or ticketing.

Best regards,

Aeroflot Bonus