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Aeroflot Bonus News

10 March 2011

Information about annual Aeroflot Bonus miles expiration

Dear members!

We inform you that according to the programme rules all unredeemed miles will be expired on April 29, 2011 for those members who do not have miles for Aeroflot or airline partners flights eligible for accrual within 2009–2010.

If you maid paid flights (eligible for accrual) with Aeroflot, Nordavia or SkyTeam alliance members before December 31, 2010, but did not indicate your membership number in the ticket and did not subsequently inform us about the flight, we do ask you to give us this information as soon as possible.

According to the programme rules flight documentation for retro miles posting is accepted for consideration within 3 months after the flight is completed. Taking into account the importance of saving miles for our members, Aeroflot Bonus is ready to accept flight documentation for any one paid flight eligible for accrual with Aeroflot, Nordavia or SkyTeam alliance members perforemed within 2009–2010. We ask you to give us information about the flight and via special e-mail: expire2011@aeroflot.ru. Please, in your letter indicate your Aeroflot Bonus membership nember. For crediting miles for flights with SkyTeam alliance members flight documentation must be sent to any Aeroflot Bonus programme office or to the nearest Aeroflot representation office.

Well prior to the miles expiration deadline, you can spend collected miles on programme Awards like award tickets, award upgrades or spend miles on partners’ services. We remind you that you need to have minimum 15 000 miles to issue an Award ticket. At the same time to get an Award from the partner - Simple company (the wine merchant) - minimum amount of miles is not set.

We remind you that according to the programme rules to be eligible for an Award you need to have sufficient amount of miles on your account and at least one paid flight eligible for accrual with Aeroflot or Nordavia within 24 months prior to the Award issuing date.

If you do not have a paid flight on your account, we offer you to perform a regular Aeroflot or Nordavia flight eligible for accrual before April 20, 2011, get qualifying miles for it and spend your collected miles on programme Awards. You can use the special Aeroflot sale and by tickets at attractive spring prices. Do not forget to indicate your membership number in the booking before flight for automatic miles accrual for you to be eligible for an Award.

We ask you to check your account balance on our Web-site or via Aeroflot call-centre: 8 495 223 55 55 (9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Moscow time) or 8-800-333-5555 (for calls from Russian regions).

Best regards,

Aeroflot Bonus