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Strategy and development

Aeroflot's strategy is based on five premises that reflect the successful long-term growth of the Aeroflot Group. We always aim to reach those goals when making strategic business decisions. Aeroflot's Board of Directors exerts constant control of the strategy and makes adjustments according to changes in the current market situation.

The following forms the basis of Aeroflot Group's development strategy:

  1. By 2025 - to make the top 5 European airlines by revenue and by passenger traffic.
  2. By 2025 - to make the world's top 20 airlines by revenue and by passenger traffic.
  3. By 2025 - to carry over 70 million passengers yearly (30 million of those domestically).
  4. Wide-reaching market penetration, along with the realisation of a multi-brand platform for a group of airline companies as the principal development strategy of the Aeroflot Group.
  5. Consistently driving shareholder value.