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On April 5 an Il-76 freight carrier commanded by Y.S. Yakovlev made the first flight from Moscow to Sofia.

On April 24 the regular international Moscow-Luxemburg-Moscow route commenced for freight carriage in large-capacity containers by Il-76T.


On May 27 one of the longest routes Moscow—Rabat—Havana—Lima—Santiago by Il-62 was opened.


On January 29 Aeroflot’s International Air Communication Central Control was established on the basis of the International Airlines Transportation Control.

On January 1 an Il-62 made the first regular flight from Moscow to Havana.

On January 21 regular flights commenced on the Copenhagen—Moscow—Tokyo route.


On November 14 the Soviet Union joined the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The Chairman of the USSR Commission on ICAO issues was the USSR Minister of Civil Aviation B.P. Bugaev.

On July 29 regular flights started on the routes: Moscow—Amsterdam—New York, Moscow—Paris-Montreal—New York, and Moscow—Leningrad—Amsterdam—New York.