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On December 31 the first flight  was made on the passenger supersonic airliner Tu-144, constructed by the Tupolev Design Bureau.


In April the crew of a Tu-114 (commanded by K. N. Tskhovrebov) made the first regular passenger flight on the Moscow—Tokyo—Moscow route.

On September 15 the Il-62, Russia’s leading civilian aircraft constructed by the Ilyushin Design Bureau, started flights on the long-haul Moscow—Montreal route.


On February 3 the first international freight flights began on the Moscow—Riga—Paris route.

On October 21 the first flight was made by the Yak-40, constructed by A. S. Yakovlev.


On September 30, according to the USSR High Council Presidium Decree, the honorary titles of USSR Honored Pilot and the USSR Honored Navigator were instituted.

On December 31 Moscow City Airport, the largest in the USSR, was opened.


On July 27, according to the USSR High Council Presidium Decree, the USSR Ministry of Civil Aviation was established on the basis of the Central Administrative Board of the Civil Air Fleet by the USSR Council of Ministers.


On February 2 the legendary flight of two planes (Il-18 and An-12) completed a flight between Moscown and Antarctica. The crew commanders Polyakov A. S. (Il-18) and Osipov B. S. (An-12) were awarded with the  ”Hero of Socialist Labour” title for their successful mission.

On October 31 the turbo-prop An-24, constructed by the Antonov Design Bureau, began medium-haul flights.


On June 1 Sheremetyevo International Airport was opened.

On June 29 the Riga CAF Engineer Institute was established.