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In January a permanently working group on air transportation of the CMEAStanding Transportation Commission was established.

In April the Il-18 commenced flights on national routes.

In May the first passenger flight by Tu-114 was made on the Moscow—Khabarovsk route.

On July 22 the turbo-prop An-24, constructed by the Antonov Design Bureau, began flights.


On July 14 the first flight by Il-18, constructed by the Ilyushin Design Bureau, was made.

On November 15 tests started on the turbo-prop passenger airliner Tu-114, constructed by the Tupolev Design Bureau.


The beginning of the jet engineering era in the history of civil aviation.

On September 15 regular passenger flights by Tu-104 of the Tupolev Design Bureau commenced on the Moscow—Irkutsk route.

On October 12 the first passenger flight by Tu-104 started on the international Moscow—Prague route.


On July 23 the Higher Aviation School (CAF HAS) was established in Leningrad.


In May the Central Administrative Board of the Civil Air Fleet was subordinated to the USSR Council of Ministers.

In August RI CAF was reorganized into the State Research Institute of the Civil Air Fleet (SRI CAF).

Il-14 transport aircraft of the Ilyushin Design Bureau commenced flights.