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Aeroflot Russian Airlines and FCB Agency launched Aeroflot’s new advertising campaign under the slogan “Closer because from the heart”.

In December three new Airbus aircraft two A319s and one A320, were put into operation under the Company’s restructuring of its air fleet.

On December 15 a new uniform for Aeroflot stewards and pilots was presented. The new uniform was chosen following a competition involving 11 leading Russian designers.

In December Aeroflot Russian Airlines and Ilyushin Finance Co. signed a leasing contract for six Il-96-300 airliners.


On November 21 Aeroflot won the Russian Business Academy Award 2003for Efficient Management.

In November two new airliners, an A319 and A320, were put into operation under air fleet restructuring programme.

In November Aeroflot Russian Airlines and Air Tahiti Nui Airline Company signed a contract on using Moscow and Papeete as transfer points for passengers of Tahiti and Russian airline companies during flights to America and Asia. The agreement increased Aeroflot’s capacity to transport passengers travelling to Japan and America.


On October 1 Aeroflot introduced new service technologies on the Moscow-Tokyo-Moscow route under the concept “Russian hospitality from sincere people with the best traditions and a modern way of life».

On October 8 Aeroflot announced a traditional special fare offer.

On October 13 Aeroflot’s Board of Directors decided to establish JSC Terminal as a subsidiary with authorized capital stock of 200 million rubles.

On October 21 Aeroflot Russian Airlines acquired a new A319 passenger liner from Airbus in Hamburg. It was named “Prokofiev”, after the Russian composer.

On October 21 Dr. Brane Lucovnik, President of Adria Airways,and Alexei Sidorov, Director of Aeroflot Russian Airlines Foreign Relations Department, met in Ljubljana to sign a bilateral Code-Sharing Agreement on a free-sale basis.

On October 30 Aeroflot-Russian Airlines and CAE Canadian Company, one of the largest air simulator manufacturers, signed a contract for delivery of an A320 full-flight simulator (FFS A320) to the airline company.

On October 31 Aeroflot won the “Brand of the Year/EFFIE 2003” international competition in the “Brand Service” category.

In October Aeroflot received the first five A319/320 liners from 18 to be supplied under the Company’s air fleet restructuring programme.


On September 1 Aeroflot launched Bonus-Junior, a new programme for the Company’s youngest passengers.

On September 16, at the Embassy of Poland in Moscow, Marek Grabarek, Chairman of LOT-Polish Airlines, and Valery Okulov, Aeroflot’s General Director, signed a Code-Sharing Agreement on a free-sale basis.

On September 18 Aeroflot introduced Aeroflot-Junior a monthly onboard magazine for young passengers on all Aeroflot flights.


On August 25, following a two-stage competition, FCB Advertising Agency was chosed as Aeroflot’s new advertising campaign partner.

In August the first A767-300 aircraft was acquired under Aeroflot’s air fleet restructuring programme.


From July 7 to July 16 Aeroflot started the “Children of Russia travel to Russia” social programme to offer flights to children from Kaliningrad.

In August Aeroflot participated in the International Aviation and Space Saloon (MAKS) in a different role. This time it presented its professional services in the area of flight safety, personnel training, air equipment maintenance, and flight planning and preparation.


In June Aeroflot began the “Kaliningrad-Shuttle” social programme. To ensure the rights of Russians to travel freely and following principles of social responsibility, Aeroflot Russian Airlines took the decision to introduce additional flights on the Moscow—Kaliningrad—Moscow route, increasing their frequency to four daily flights on fares close to the price of a railway ticket.

On June 7 Aeroflot Russian Airlines commenced a direct air route between St. Petersburg and the Japanese cities Tokyo and Osaka.

On June 11 Aeroflot Russian Airlines performed the role of official carrier of organizers and participants of the “Global Energy” international awards ceremony.

On June 18 Valery Okulov , General Director of Aeroflot Russian Airlines, was elected a member of Board of Governors of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) up to 2005.

On July 1 Aeroflot Russian Airlines announced a tender for bids to develop and and implement an image advertising campaign.


On May 13, at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Moscow, Miroslav Kula, CSA President and Valery Okulov, Aeroflot General Director, signed a Code-Sharing Agreement on a free-sale basis.

On May 3 683 Great Patriotic War veterans and former prisoners of fascism were given free Aeroflot flights to cities in Russia, Western Europe, the CIS and Baltic countries to meet up with their former comrades-in-arms.


On April 15 Aeroflot’s Trademark Committee decided not to change the current Aeroflot logo, given the Company’s long 70-year history.

On April 16 Aeroflot Russian Airlines provided complete information about its flight safety and technical control features to the world’s leading companies in the field of air risk insurance.

On April 23 a new service was launched for passengers to monitor their Aeroflot Bonus accounts via WAP using cellular phones.

On April 28 the Company’s annual shareholders meeting took place. A new Board of Directors was elected.

On April 28 Aeroflot began providing special discounts to the most talented secondary school-leavers from the Russian provinces planning to enter university in Moscow in 2003.

In April in New York Airfinance Journal, a leading international air industry publication, awarded Aeroflot first place in the “Editor-in-Chief Prize - Contract of 2002” exclusive category for its successful air fleet restructuring project.


On March 27 Aeroflot won the “Wings of Russia” competition in the category “Passenger Carrier on International Airlines in Group I ( more than a billion passenger-kilometers)” and was the winner of the domestic passenger carriage award.

On March 30 Aeroflot switched to its summer schedule, increasing flights on popular routes to Western Europe and South-Eastern Asia, and its use of flights by the Company’s international partners.


The Aeroflot Open 2003 International Chess Tournament was held on February 10-20 in Moscow. It was organized by the Association of Chess Federations, the Tourism Committee of the Moscow Government and Aeroflot.

On February 25 Aeroflot held a Branding Committee meeting to approve the Company’s new airline colours: silver-dark blue with an orange stripe turning smoothly into the image of a fluttering Russian flag on the tail.


On January 14 Aeroflot Russian Airlines launched a programme to restructure its fleet of foreign-made aircraft: the airline company was to replace 27 Western airliners of four different makes for 18 Airbus A320 medium-haul planes and 9 Boeing 767-300ER long-haul planes.

The Company reported its operating results for 2002: it carried 5.489 million passengers; revenue amounted to 45 billion rubles, and net income was 3.198 billion rubles.

On January 21 Aeroflot’s Board of Directors approved the Company’s financial and production plan for 2003.