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Chronicle of events – 2016


1 January. Aeroflot put into operation two new Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft in the "FULL" specifications range. The airliners have been named after the eminent Soviet pilots Konstanti Sapelkin and Nikolai Safronnikov.

12 January. Russian President Vladimir Putin had a business meeting with Aeroflot – Russian Airline's CEO Vitaly Saveliev. The meeting agenda included the airline's economic performance in 2015, the current situation on the air travel market, including the Transaero passenger traffic, low cost air travel prospects and flat fare programme.

12 January. Based on 2015 results, Aeroflot was again included in Medialogia Top 10 by the number and quality of publications in mass media.

13 January. The international analytical portal anna.aero, based on 2015 reports, listed the Aeroflot Group among the world's top 20 airlines by the number of new destinations launched and top 3 ones by new destinations with the highest flight frequency. The low budget airline Pobeda was named 7th in the world in the number of new lines opened.

15 January. Aeroflot received the highest score–seven stars out of seven–in the rating of the world's safest airlines compiled regularly by the Airlineratings.com independent portal.

19 January. Aeroflot was rated among the world's top airlines offering their passengers the best Wi-Fi Internet connection on long-haul flights.

22 January. The Aeroflot fleet was equipped with two brand new Sukhoi Superjets 100 of the FULL version. The jet liners were named after prominent Soviet pilots Nikolai Rubtsov (aircraft number RA-89056) and Nikolai Novikov (aircraft number RA-89063).

25 January. According to Alianzo, a company specialising in social network analytics, Aeroflot's Instagram account is the best corporate Instagram account in Russia.

28 January. Aeroflot lowered by 10% the fares for its own flights from Russia and for those by subsidiary airlines under Aeroflot's commercial control.


15 February. Aeroflot launched an online catalogue of bonuses for Aeroflot Bonus members with a wide range of commodities and gift certificates of the most popular Russian and international brands.

16 February. Aeroflot has simplified the transfer of miles within the "Mercy Miles" charity project.

25 February. Aeroflot successfully completed an external integrated management system compliance certification. It was confirmed that its integrated management system meets the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System international standards.


1 March. Aeroflot became the first airline that accepted the Mir payment system cards on www.airline.ru. The acquiring bank is Alfa Bank JSC.

2 March. Aeroflot held a summer 2016 modular cargo transportation e-auction for a total of 1.2 bn roubles.

2 March. The Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on awarding the Boeing 777-200 crew of the Orenburg Airlines subsidiary who had successfully landed the aircraft with an engine on fire in the Punta Cana airport (the Dominican Republic). Captain of the aircraft Konstantin Parikozha was awarded with an Order of Courage, second pilot Igor Kravtsov with a Bravery Medal, and another 18 Orenburg Airlines employees received a Nesterov Medal.

3 March. SAP CIS, one of the leading companies on the business application market, and Aeroflot announced the successful implementation of an automated time tracking and payroll system based on SAP HCM (Human Capital Management). The software covered over 19,000 employees of the leading Russian airline.

9 March. According to the Centre for Aviation (CAPA), one of the leading centers of aviation analytics in the world, Aeroflot Group achieved the second best operational profitability among European national air carriers in 2015.

14 March. Aeroflot launched ticket booking on Yandex.AirTickets, the largest Russian search engine's service for booking air travel.

16 March. Aeroflot started selling tickets at subsidised prices to Far East within the governmental air travel accessibility programme available to Russian nationals.

22 March. Aeroflot was ranked for the fourth time in a raw as the best Russian airline according to the prestigious Condé Nast Traveller Readers' Choice tourist industry award.

28 March. Aeroflot was awarded with one of the world's most prestigious Air Transport News Awards 2016, in the "Readers' Choice" nomination. At the same time, the airline's CEO Vitaly Saveliev was announced the winner in the "Leader of the Year" nomination.

28 March. The united airline "Russia", part of Aeroflot Group, announced the commencement of flights. "Russia's" timetable included flights to 81 destinations in 15 countries, including 54 destinations in Russia.

29 March. Aeroflot launched its own online baggage tracing service. This feature based on the international World Tracer system allows retrieving information on the status of your baggage: found, out for delivery and delivered.

31 March. Aeroflot announced the release of an updated version of the stakeholder and investor section. The completely renewed IR section is designed to allow for posting information and resources for the investment community in a modern, convenient, and easy-to-navigate format.


1 April. Some employees of our company were presented with government awards and titles of honour. By a Presidential decree, Administrative Director Vasily Avilov was awarded a first class medal of the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland"; Deputy CEO for Customer Relations Vadim Zingman, Head of Network and Revenue Management Department Alexandr Voloshchuk, Head of Aviation Safety Department Oleg Petrila, and Advisor to CEO Evgeniya Lozitskaya were awarded a second class medal of the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland"; Pilot in Command Elena Novichkova was awarded a Nesterov Medal. Head of Flight Methodology Department Nikolay Bochkarev was awarded the honourary title of "Distinguished Transport Officer of the Russian Federation".

5 April. The Aeroflot Group companies won a number of the most prestigious nominations within the national aviation industry award, Russia's Wings, based on 2015 results. Aeroflot received the title of Russian Airline of the Year – Passengers' Choice Leader and become the airline of the year in another key nomination – International Operations.

6 April. UK Home Secretary extended Aeroflot's high status of a reliable carrier as concerns preventing illegal immigration to the UK – Approved Gate Check (AGC).

11 April. The first 2016 meeting of the Aeroflot Community Council was held chaired by Tatyana Tarasova, the Soviet and Russian figure skating coach, and Honoured Coach of the USSR.

11 April. Once again Aeroflot won the prestigious international award, Randstad Award, as the most attractive Russian employer in the transport and logistics sector.

12 April. Aeroflot's corporate periodical–the My Aeroflot newspaper–won in the annual all-Russian authoritative competition "Best Corporate Media 2016" in the nomination of "Print Media. Corporate Newspaper".

15 April. Aeroflot received a high rating–four stars out of five–from the international consulting company Skytrax (UK), one of the world's authorities for evaluating carrier and airport services.

20 April. Aeroflot received a new Sukhoi Super Jet 100 in the FULL specification range, named after Honoured Pilot of the USSR Yuri Ovsyannikov.

21 April. Aeroflot presented its achievements in the service industry at the international SkyService 2016 forum, dedicated to services rendered to passengers in the global civil aviation and organised by Aeromar CJSC.

25 April. Aeroflot successfully completed a line station audit at Kaliningrad's Khrabrovo Airport, which was conducted in conformance with the regulations of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

26 April. Aeroflot launched a new corporate portal. The company's updated Intranet is based on the latest MS SharePoint technology, has an improved design and structure, and offers a wide range of options for data processing.

27 April. Aeroflot became a 2015 "Best.ru/Company of the Year" national award laureate in the "Transport" nomination.

28 April. Aeroflot announced its decision to voluntarily give up some of the lines it had received from Transaero, which was forced to leave the air carriage market in 2015. This step reflects the leading Russian airline's commitment to basic market principles, and that of fair competition in the first place.


4 May. Aeroflot and Avis announced the launch of a partnership project within Aeroflot Bonus. Now members will be credited up to 1,500 miles to their program account and a discount of up to 15% for booking Avis car rentals all over the world.

20 May. In view of the World Dog Show held in Moscow, Aeroflot made a decision to reduce prices for transporting animals.

24 May. Aeroflot became the official carrier for the Russian national basketball teams. A corresponding agreement was signed by Aeroflot Deputy CEO for Customer Relations Vadim Zingman and President of the Russian Basketball Federation Andrey Kirilenko.

30 May. Aeroflot learned the culinary preferences of business class passengers during an innovative study conducted jointly with Agency One digital communication agency.


1 June. Aeroflot opened its own scheduled flights to Spain: Moscow–Valencia–Moscow and Moscow–Aliсante–Moscow.

1 June. Aeroflot completed its first Moscow–Lyon flight. Thus, the total number of European destinations serviced by the largest Russian carrier reached 50.

2 June. Aeroflot received two Sukhoi Superjet 100 FULL. One of the airliners is named after Civil Aviation Veteran, Aviation Lieutenant General Alexei Semenkov, the other bears the name of the USSR Honoured Pilot Boris Osipov.

3 June. Since the beginning of the month, business class passengers on Aeroflot flights were offered an updated in-flight menu by a chef from LSG Sky Chefs, Thierry Mona, who has developed his own professional style while being a member of the Commonwealth of Nations team for 30 years, as well as dishes by virtuosos of international gastronomy, including the founder of the Uilliam's Restaurant – William Lamberti; the Italian chef of the Christian and Buono restaurants, Christian Lorencini; and the brand chef of the Ryby Net Restaurant – Kamel Benmamar, who has been very popular with Aeroflot passengers.

14 June. Aeroflot evaluated the outcomes of its campaign commemorating the 71st anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. During this event that has become a tradition, held from 3 May through 12 June, over 10,000 war veterans and people accompanying them were transported free of charge.

27 June. An annual shareholder meeting of Aeroflot – Russian Airline PJSC has been held. The Aeroflot shareholders elected a new Board of Directors and made decisions on the other items on the agenda.

28 June. Aeroflot built a corporate loyalty program – Aeroflot Bonus – based on the innovative Oracle Siebel Loyalty Management platform.


1 July. Aeroflot lifted the ban on using mobile phones and tablets during take off and landing of the flight (henceforth it is enough to switch the device to Airplane mode or turn off mobile connection). 6 July. Aeroflot and SMP Bank started emitting a co-branded card for the MIR national payment system—"Aeroflot – Mir Premium".

8 July. Aeroflot was given a corporate management rating of 7+. The appraisal was made by the Russian Institute of Directors based on the results of monitoring it had conducted and it corresponds to the Advanced Corporate Management Practice according to the approved National Corporate Management Rating (NCMR) scale.

11 July. Aeroflot launched a new online product for travellers–the HIT Package. On www.aeroflot.ru, you can now purchase on best available terms a trip to any place in the world covered by the Aeroflot destinations network as a single package – flight, hotel, insurance, visa and transfer.

12 July. Aeroflot again, the fifth time in its history, won the international Skytrax World Airline Awards in the "Best Eastern Europe Airline" nomination. The awarding ceremony of the best air carriers of 2016 was held within the the Farnborough International Exhibition and Flying Display (UK).

19 July. Aeroflot started to cooperate with TripAdvisor–one of the world's largest websites about travelling with a monthly audience of up to 340 million unique visitors. The TripAdvisor online airline review platform allows Aeroflot to develop feedback with its customers and improve the quality of its services.

22 July. Aeroflot's in-flight entertainment system interface was awarded a silver medal at the 9th International Design Awards in the "Multimedia/Interface Design" nomination. During the international event, whose results were summed up in Los Angeles, over 1,000 architectural, interior, clothing, product design, as well as graphic design works, which were presented by architects and designers from 52 countries, were evaluated.

25 July. Aeroflot was listed in the top 10 and rated 8th in the World's Most Popular Airlines - 2016 rating made by TripAdvisor based on passenger feedback. When broadcasting this rating, CNN noted among the airline's key benefits its young fleet, high quality of customer service, cleanliness, efficient check-in and boarding.

26 July. Aeroflot presented the Airbus A320 A. Alyabyev decorated with the professional football club CSKA–one of the most eminent sports teams in Russia.

27 July. Aeroflot, as a member of the SkyTeam Cargo Alliance, held a conference on cargo operations in Saint Petersburg, which was attended by representatives of 55 Russian and foreign logistics companies.

28 July. A special Aeroflot SU7150 flight from Sheremetyevo, Terminal D, took the Russian Olympic Team to Rio de Janeiro.


2 August. Our airline's 2015 annual report received the highest award–a platinum medal–in the category of "Transport and Logistics" at the 2015 Vision Awards international competition organised by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP).

5 August. Aeroflot launched new extra services on www.aeroflot.ru. They make travelling with the leading Russian air carrier even more comfortable. Henceforth, when booking a ticket online via the site's mobile version, passengers can, at the same time, buy a health insurance plan, an airport rail link ticket, or rent a car. All these services are available from any device–laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

11 August. Aeroflot concluded a new air travel insurance contract for the period 2 July 2016 to 1 July 2017. Compared with the previous policy period, insurance rates were reduced by 20% on average, whilst the Group managed to improve its overall insurance coverage.

18 August. Aeroflot and SAP, one of the largest corporate software developers, completed a project on migrating SAP ERP to an SAP HANA platform to improve the performance of business processes. Aeroflot became the first Russian airline working on a high performance SAP HANA platform.

23 August. The Russian Olympic Team flew from Rio de Janeiro to Moscow by the Aeroflot SU7151 flight.

25 August. Aeroflot and Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company JSC announced the completion of a contract for supplying 30 Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft. The contract signing and last aircraft handover ceremony was held in Zhukovsky. The thirtieth SSJ 100 (aircraft number RA-89060) was named after the legendary Soviet pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Stupishin.

29 August. Aeroflot delivered a delegation of British war veterans to the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Arctic convoys.


1 September. Aeroflot introduced a new type of in-flight meals–the Asian Set–to business class. It has dishes from the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese national cuisines. The novelty is offered on flights over 6 hours in duration to South-Eastern Asian countries and vary destination-to-destination.

1 September. Aeroflot started implementing another crowdsourcing project aimed at making the airline more attractive and passenger friendly.

1 September. Aeroflot reduced the rates for the "In-flight Internet" service and made them time-based. The step was taken in response to the requests from passengers who use the service enthusiastically and are interested in it being more convenient and available.

13 September. Aeroflot played an active role in the opening of the new home arena of the Professional Football Club CSKA.

13 September. Aeroflot signed with the Krasnokut Civilian Aviation Flying School (KKLU GA), which is an affiliate of the Four-Star General B.P.Bugaev Ulyanovsk Civilian Aviation Institute, an agreement on the guaranteed employment of A level graduates.

19 September Aeroflot jointly with Tekhnoserv IT Company completed a project on the creation of a new data centre based on Hewlett Packard Enterprise hardware that allowed the company's main data centre to increase its capacity 2.5 times.

20 September Aeroflot discontinued accepting applications through authorised Sberbank offices for the refunding of tickets for booked but unused Transaero flights.

20 September Aeroflot launched a new advertising campaign in China, one of the Aeroflot brand's key markets – a special corporate image video was made by the well-known Russian director, Pavel Khudyakov and the American cameraman Maz Makhani who have extensive experience working with global brands and show-biz stars.

20 September From 13 September to 20 September, Aeroflot held block cargo e-auctions for the winter of 2016-2017 in Vladivostok. The decision was made for the convenience of the Russian Far East cargo agents, and due to the great importance of Aeroflot's operations in the Russian Far East. The number of companies taking part in the auctions has doubled, whereas the volume of the auctions increased 2.5 times compared to the same values the year before.

28 September Aeroflot became the winner of a prestigious award in travelling and tourism: BUSINESS TRAVELLER RUSSIA AND CIS AWARDS. Having won in the Best European Airline nomination, it left behind a number of leading players in the industry globally. Moreover, the company won first prize in the "Best Business Class on Medium-Haul Flights" and "Best Airline in Russia and the CIS" nominations. The award is sponsored by the popular international magazine about travel–Business Traveller.

28 September A meeting took place between the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and Aeroflot PJSC CEO Vitaly Savelyev. The airline's CEO informed the head of state about Aeroflot Group's performance and the holding's strategic objectives. Special attention was paid to the most urgent issues for both Aeroflot and the domestic aviation industry as a whole. The meeting resulted in important decisions on stricter measures against disruptive passengers, and on the extension and expansion of the flat rate program aimed at improving the connections network in remote Russian regions and increasing the mobility of Russian residents.

30 September Aeroflot prolonged the flat fare program into 2017 and 2018 and extended it to the Moscow–Magadan–Moscow destination.


6 October Aeroflot gave its passengers access to Apple Pay–an easy-to-use and safe payment tool which has revolutionised the mobile payment sector offering speed and comfort.

7 October Aeroflot organised an outdoor charity event in Sergiyev Posad in Moscow Oblast for the pupils of the Blessed Sergius Boarding School the company sponsors. Volunteers from among the company employees took active part in the event.

17 October Aeroflot participated in the arrangements for the 21st Train of Good Hope whose mission is to help orphaned children to find adopting parents. The departure ceremony took place at the Belorussky railway terminal in Moscow.

19 October Aeroflot had a meeting between the company's top management and leading foreign and Russian investors and analysts. Within the 2016 Investor and Analyst Day event, Aeroflot's CEO and other top managers presented a detailed overview of the civilian aviation market and the Group's progress in the process of transforming it into an aviation holding with a presence in all the significant market segments.

24 October Aeroflot embarked on another crowdsourced project on selecting the names for the protagonists of the in-flight children's magazine "Aeroflot. Young Traveller".

30 October In accordance with its winter timetable, Aeroflot started operating flights Moscow–Syktyvkar–Moscow.


1 November Aeroflot introduced an improved fare system. In the new flexible line, the difference between fare groups is much smaller which makes extra services and privileges more affordable to passengers.

8 November Aeroflot was rated second among the world's best airlines and remains unquestionably the best air carrier in Russia. These are the findings of a rating by one of the most popular travel magazines National Geographic Traveler based on online voting among its Russian readers.

8 November Aeroflot's low-cost carrier Pobeda is listed third in a rating of the best Russian airlines by the world's most popular scientific magazine on geography – the National Geographic.

10 November Aeroflot became the winner of the prestigious SAP Value Award (IT technology) in the "Broadening the Horizons" nomination for migrating to a new level of business transformation.

14 November Aeroflot was awarded the prestigious Cnews AWARDS prize in the "DC of the Year" nomination. It was awarded for a modular data centre (DC) the company has created. The award ceremony was held as part of the annual Cnews Forum 2016: Information Technologies of Tomorrow.

18 November The Best Professional 2016 contest's awarding ceremony was held at the Sheraton Sheremetyevo Hotel. Nine representatives of various Aeroflot departments won the title and were congratulated on their victory by the airline's CEO Vitaly Savelyev.

23 November Aeroflot received the status of an ACCA Approved Employer, which is an official recognition that a company meets high standards in training and providing for professional development of financial department officers.


6 December The final 2016 meeting of Aeroflot's Community Council was held under the chairwomanship of the Soviet and Russian Figure Skating Coach, Honoured Coach of the USSR, Tatyana Tarasova, with the main items on the agenda being the results of the outgoing year for Aeroflot Group and issues that will have to be addressed effectively next year, including stricter measures against disruptive passengers.

8 December Aeroflot successfully conducted an anti-icing experiment on five Airbus A320 aircraft with their engines running, without ground personnel, with the use of direct radio connection between the captain and the senior anti-icing truck operator.

12 December Aeroflot jointly with the Federal Air Transport Agency and United Aircraft Corporation held the "Best in the Sky" contest. It was organised for Rosaviatsia schools' students with the aim of identifying best future pilots of the latest Russian commercial aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100. 16 December Aeroflot is named the winner of the Best Travel Media award in the "Best Economy Class 2016" nomination. An official award ceremony was held in Beijing.

19 December Aeroflot became a laureate of the independent Innovation Time 2016 award in the "Transport and Machine Building" category. The award is sponsored by the Social Projects and Programmes Fund under the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

20 December Aeroflot PJSC CEO Vitaly Savelyev made a speech at the final meeting of the United Russia fraction of the 7th State Duma, which was attended by Chairman of the Party, Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev.

22 December Aeroflot passed another supervisory audit by the Bermuda aviation authorities for compliance with the Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements (OTARs) Part 39. As a result, Aeroflot PJSC had its authorisation extended to act as an organisation authorised to perform independent maintenance work to ensure the airworthiness of its aircraft registered at Bermuda.

27 December Aeroflot PJSC Board of Directors endorsed a deal under which the company is transferring to its subsidiary, the Pobeda Airlines, exclusive rights to the Dobrolet brand.

31 December Aeroflot flights began to offer passengers travelling with children 6 years of age and over a monthly in-flight children's magazine – Aeroflot. Young Traveller".