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Global Meetings with SkyTeam

If you are organizing seminars, conferences, forums and other events with many attendees involved, Global Meetings is the ideal event travel solution.

Our self-booking tool allows to create an event in just a few clicks away.


SkyTeam Global Meetings Benefits:

  • Savings up to 15% with the possibility to book online or via travel agent
  • 20 SkyTeam airlines in a single contract
  • Over 1,000 destinations worldwide
  • Promotional support
  • 1 reward ticket for each 50 attendees traveling with SkyTeam airlines

SkyTeam Global Meetings Conditions:

  • A minimum of 50 attendees traveling by air
  • Attendees must be originating from at least 2 different countries, other than the country where the event is being held
  • Event may be registered not less than 2 months in advance

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For more information please contact us at corporate.sales@aeroflot.ru or SkyTeam