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Code-share flights

What is code-sharing?

A code-sharing agreement is an agreement between two or more air carriers, whereby the carrier operating a given flight allows one or more other carriers to market this flight and issue tickets for it as if they were operating the flight themselves. In practice, these other carriers add their own carrier designator code and flight number onto that of the operating carrier.

Under codeshare agreements, Aeroflot cooperates with 28 foreign and Russian airlines and operates joint flights to more than 100 destinations.

When making your booking on a codeshare flight, you will be informed which airline will operate the flight.

When buying a ticket for a flight operated by a partner of PJSC “Aeroflot” please be advised that on such code-shared flight, the operating carrier's rules apply to the hand baggage allowance, carriage of live animals, catering, special meals order, carriage of the disabled people, carriage of passengers with children, and transportation of unaccompanied minors. These rules are available on the carrier’s official website.