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Aeroflot Benefit

«Aeroflot Benefit» — "Aeroflot" PJSC bonus program for air ticket sales agents.

Program participants are awarded points for the sale of tickets for regular domestic and international flights of "Aeroflot" PJSC in accordance with the existing actions under the program. 
Accumulated bonus points can be used for the acquisition of premium promotional code available for air transportation.

Currently, the option of registering in the “Aeroflot-Benefit” program is open for employees from agencies on the territory of Russia and CIS states (not including agents in Moscow and St. Petersburg).

More information about program rules can be found here.

1. Aeroflot-Benefit program’s main focus

Aeroflot-Benefit agent loyalty program aims at boosting Aeroflot’s product performance on the market and expanding air travel sales by agents working for the airline. An Agent is a regular agency employee who is taking part in the program by purchasing air tickets via the company’s mobile website.

2. Taking part

To take part in the program you need to be a sales agency (ALP) employee directly involved in issuing and booking air tickets on Aeroflot flights. Your agency must have a direct agency agreement signed with the company or be authorized to issue Aeroflot tickets through BSP or TCH. You can also be an employee working for official subagents if they have their own access to GDS and can book flights for their clients.

Aeroflot-Benefit membership is free of charge and operates on an individual basis for each sales agency employee.

To launch your participation, you need to access the ‘For agents’ page on Aeroflot official website www.aeroflot.ru and fill out a registration form. Entering all the necessary details, confirming your data and sending it means you agree with the program’s rules. Each person is allowed to fill out only one form. If you already have a Personal account, you should use the relevant e-mail and password to join the program. It is also important to indicate your phone number and agency validation code used to issue Aeroflot tickets:

  • Aeroflot validator 555ххххх
  • BSP validator 922ххххх
  • TCH validator 921ххххх or 923ххххх or 00хххххх

After registering, the program will send an e-mail with a link you need to click on to confirm registration. You will then be sent another e-mail containing your individual code of the Aeroflot-Benefit participant. The link will be valid for 24 hours from the moment it’s been received.

You’ll be officially participating from the day you are assigned active status, after the program sends you individual code.

By joining, you accept that Aeroflot will now be transmitting and using your registration data as part of the Aeroflot-Benefit program. Acceptance of participation lasts for a specific amount of time, but can also be recalled at any moment by participant’s written notification.

Joining the program means you accept the rules laid out by Aeroflot on its website www.aeroflot.ru In addition, you automatically accept any changes or amendments to the rules that may come up and appear on the website.

3. Personal account

Registering in the program gives you access to your Personal account on www.aeroflot.ru website. That’s where you can get information on your account’s status, current offers and their terms. You will also be able to view and change your registration information and purchase bonus coupons for the points you accrued.

Being the program’s member implies that you are now fully responsible for safeguarding your secret password used to access Personal account, as well as for the consequences in case secret password is lost or if your accrued points are used by third parties. If you lose your secret password, you can still obtain a new one by means of special functions provided on Aeroflot website.

The airline will guarantee the correctness of data display in participant’s Personal account only if the participant makes sure his computer has the following technical characteristics:

  • ОС Windows XP and latest versions;
  • Display resolution 800*600 and higher;
  • Browser:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and higher;
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and higher;
  • Google Chrome 19 and higher;
  • Opera 9.0 and higher;
  • Safari 5.0.5 and higher;
  • Internet connection with access speed of at least 1Mbit/s.

4. Changing registration data

Every participant of the program is responsible for changing his or her registration data in a timely manner. Changing e-mail address can be done through the Personal account. Other data can be changed by sending a request to Aeroflot-Benefit program’s manager – benefit@aeroflot.ru.

5. Points accrual

Aeroflot-benefit program uses points as units of measure. Accrued points are merely a marketing tool to encourage ticket sales employees in their operations – they are non-monetary equivalents used solely to keep track of completed flights issued by the participant. Points don’t have a stated or any other value.

As we’ve mentioned, you will be assigned an individual code (alphanumeric code) upon registration. This code is unique to each participant and helps us to identify you in a booking system and in your Personal account.

You are allowed to have only one code. Your account and accrued points cannot be transferred, combined with accounts and points of other program’s participants or with points accrued in analogous agent loyalty programs of other airlines. It’s not allowed to give, bequeath or sell your member’s account and accrued points. To accrue points, your individual code must be entered into ticket booking:

  • For Sabre booking: 3OTHS/participant’s code;
  • For Amadeus booking: SROTHSSU-participant’s code;
  • For Galileo booking: V.ASU*participant’s code;
  • For Sirena-2000 booking: 3ПРОЧ participant’s code.

Participant’s code is alphanumeric code (Ex: A1L1111111P).
Keep in mind that you cannot enter this remark after flight has begun.

Points are accrued in accordance with Aeroflot-Benefit program offer conditions and only for tickets with 555 prefix number, or Aeroflot’s proper sales channels and neutral BSP and TCH channels, for flight segments with SU code on regular Aeroflot flights and its subsidiaries: JSC “Rossiya Airlines”; JSC “Aurora Airlines”.

Points cannot be accrued for tickets issued:

  • for corporate, tour operator, marine and other contract fares;
  • for group (G subclass booking) and block (V subclass booking) fares;
  • for promo fares (R subclass booking);
  • if participant’s validation code does not match validation code indicated in issued ticket

Points accrual happens in the course of 5 (five) days after the corresponding air ticket coupon (that meets the offer’s requirements) is used. No points will be accrued if the coupon is not used, cancelled (VOID), exchanged or refunded.

If air ticket coupon falls under several offers at once, only one sum of the points (the highest possible) will be accrued. A single coupon’s points (for different offers) cannot be added together.

Points’ validity period is 5 (five) years from the date of accrual. However, if in the course of 6 (six) months you remain inactive and no points are accrued in your member’s account, the program’s managers have the right to block the account, cancel all of your points and deactivate your individual code while notifying you via e-mail.

6. Awarding bonus coupons

You will be awarded a discount coupon as a bonus for the points you accrued. You can then use it to buy Aeroflot ticket. The coupon’s cost in accrued points varies depending on denomination. You can see the list of available coupons in your Personal account.

Bonuses are awarded only if a participant has enough points accrued in the member’s account.

You can purchase a discount coupon in exchange for accrued points online through your Personal account. The needed number of points will be withdrawn from your account to reach the coupon’s value.

You will be able to use your bonus coupon when purchasing air ticket on Aeroflot’s mobile website http://m.aeroflot.ru (available both on desktop computers and on mobile electronic devices with Internet access).

Coupon’s discount is applied only to passenger fare. Taxes and fees must be paid fully in cash. The fare difference, as well as taxes and fees can be paid when booking tickets online in one of the following ways:

  • at Aeroflot offices;
  • Online bank;
  • Sberbank;
  • Mobile phone.

Coupon is valid for tickets purchased on Aeroflot regular flights or tickets of the airline’s subsidiaries operating flights under SU code: JSC “Rossiya Airlines”; JSC “Aurora Airlines”.

One bonus coupon can be used to purchase only one ticket.

You can use bonus coupons to purchase air tickets both for yourself, as well as for other people (family members, relatives, your friends).

Bonus coupon has no monetary equivalent and cannot be converted into cash.

The airline reserves the right to limit the amount of bonuses and impose restrictions on their issue in periods of increased air travel demand.

Standard fare rules applied when issuing air tickets also apply when issuing discount coupon tickets.

If air ticket issued with a bonus coupon is cancelled or refunded, the program’s participant will not get his points back.

Flight restrictions are set every year from 23 December to 10 January for award tickets.

7. Legal liability of parties

Considering the fact that legislation of some countries may contain restrictions on the extent of implementing agent loyalty programs, Aeroflot (to heed such laws) reserves the right to change legal requirements for the program’s participants or change the content of the program considering the legislation of the country in question, without prior notification to the program’s participants.

Disputes related to the Aeroflot-Benefit program must be considered at a general jurisdiction court at the location of PJSC “Aeroflot” in line with Russia’s legislation.

8. Concluding remarks

Aeroflot-Benefit program is not a public offer. Joining the program does not mean entering into an agreement by announcing a public offer and does not entail any binding relationship between Aeroflot and the participants that joined it. The company reserves the right to change the program’s rules and terms at any time without prior notice to participants. The amended terms will appear on the airline’s official website.

The airline also reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to modify or terminate the existing points accrual offers or add new ones.

It is not allowed to sell and exchange bonus coupons, or to auction them off, which is deemed a misuse of the awarded coupons/accrued points (commercial use). Aeroflot has the right to reach its own conclusion regarding the commercial use of awarded bonus tickets, based on any available information, including information in print publications, online and media outlets, on the basis of requests and complaints of passengers, or after carrying out its own internal investigation.

The airline reserves the right to block a person from participating in the program for any period of time, delete (terminate) his/her member’s account, cancel all accrued points, disable participant’s individual code and deny any subsequent registration in the following cases: if participant violates rules and terms of the Aeroflot-Benefit program, rules of passenger conduct during pre-flight maintenance or on board the company’s aircraft, as well as in case of violating rules and instructions of booking and issuing Aeroflot tickets.

Aeroflot reserves the right to cancel the Aeroflot-Benefit program altogether with prior notice to participant two months before the planned cancellation date. In this case, bonus coupons purchased for points accrued before the program’s cancellation date can be used on conditions prevailing on the date of acquisition.

In case there are disagreements on how to interpret and apply the current Guide’s rules and terms and other documents relating to the Aeroflot-Benefit program arising from inaccuracy of translation into other languages, the original Russian text of this Guide shall be considered as the main source for this and for other documents.

Disputes that may arise between the airline and the program’s participant shall be governed by the Russian Federation’s legislation.

Any points and/or awarded bonuses accrued illegitimately will be deemed invalid and canceled.

The program’s participant carries full responsibility in the event of intentional or unintentional input of contact data (used to send the participant notification information) that does not belong to him/her, including phone numbers and e-mails.

9. Table of discounts


Service class The fare’s
discount level
Area 1 Area 2 Area 3
Number of points
Business 90% 150 000 200 000 250 000
60% 110 000 150 000 200 000
30% 60 000 110 000 150 000
Comfort 90% 110 000 - 160 000
60% 80 000 - 130 000
30% 50 000 - 100 000
Economy 90% 80 000 110 000 140 000
60% 55 000 90 000 120 000
30% 30 000 60 000 90 000


Area 1


Area 2


Area 3



* This is for information only, rules may be changed at any time without prior notification.