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Greetings from Vitaly Saveliev, General Director of PJSC "Aeroflot – Russian Airlines"

General Director of PJSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines Vitaly Saveliev

Dear Passenger,

Welcome aboard this Aeroflot aircraft.

February is a month of significant dates for Aeroflot. On February 9 we mark Civil Aviation Day, while on February 23 we join the rest of the country in celebrating Defender of the Fatherland Day. Both of these events are close to our hearts.

Russia’s civil aviation industry took shape and grew under the aegis of Aeroflot. Our predecessors built out national route network, put new aircraft types into operation, and built the country’s airports. This baton has been taken on by the new generation of Aeroflot employees.

Our pilots, navigators, engineers, mechanics, and cabin crew have proved that they are absolutely dependable even during the severest tests. We remember and honour the military veterans who served with our company, including the 15 who were awarded the highest honour of Hero of the Soviet Union on the front lines during the Second World War.

We have reason to be proud today, too: in 2017 we achieved one of Aeroflot’s strategic goals — that of becoming one of the world’s top 20 carriers — ahead of schedule. On being informed of the return of Russia’s flagship carrier to the global elite of the aviation industry, President Vladimir Putin himself praised the achievement, and has voiced support for two of Aeroflot’s initiatives on fare policy.

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On March, 1923 the open joint-stock company Dobrolyet (Russian Society for Voluntary Air Fleet) was established. The main goal of this commercial organisation was to develop civil aviation in the country to boost the national economy. Aeroflot, the successor of Dobrolyet, regards this year as its first birthday. 2018 is a big year for the company as Aeroflot is celebrating 95th anniversary — that’s five years short of a century! February also sees Russia rejoice in Maslenitsa celebrated during the last week before Great Lent — which means loads of bliny and loads of traditional rituals and partying. The thought alone of traversing the jaw-dropping Manpupunyor Plateau rock formations in the Komi Republic is enough to work off those pancakes, luckily we go there for you. We also look at the man behind The Method, Konstantin Stanislavsky, and trace the patterns of magnificent Vologda lace.

Defender of The Fatherland Day takes places on February 23 so prepare for parades in honour of veterans through the Russian cities and capitals. There’s also International Women’s Day to look forward to on March 8, the holiday when Russian beauties hit the town and look even more stunning.

Celebrate the new spring and discover Russia with Aeroflot!

AEROFLOT – February 2018 - March 2018 (PDF file) 


Aeroflot cover

In the February issue of Aeroflot magazine we will tell our readers about the most interesting sporting and cultural events of the upcoming month, as well as new books and films. Opera singer Ildar Abdrazakov explains why playing villains is easy for him and what exactly his nomadic Bashkir diet involves, while ballet dancer Natalia Osipova recalls how delving too deep into the mental world of her characters sometimes turned out for her.

Our Travel section will help you not miss out on anything really worth experiencing in the cities of Seoul and Pyeongchang, and their vicinity, as well as fully appreciate the grandeur of Matterhorn, Switzerland, and explore Dubai from a range of perspectives. As for those who can’t wait for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, and planning to attend matches in Sochi, Kazan, or Rostov-on-Don, but also wondering how to fit both sporting events and sightseeing in their schedule, we have several short and useful mini-guides.

Seeking to satisfy and impress even the most sophisticated gourmets, Moscow’s restaurants are ardently searching for rare seafood and arranging for them to be shipped from the remotest regions of the world. Our review will reveal places where you can taste some Bering shrimp, horsehair crab, pufferfish, and other exotic denizens of the deep.

This issue’s Reading section will contain some true stories by Moscow’s legendary belle and femme fatale Aliona Doletskaya, the first editor-in-chief of Vogue Russia and the Russian Interview, as we publish an excerpt from her latest book.

Aeroflot – February 2018 (PDF file) 

Aeroflot Premium

Aeroflot Premium cover

Wherever you are this February — whether it be exploring one of Europe's mountain tops, Yury Bashmet's art festival in Sochi, the Carnival of Venice, or indulging in Russian Maslenitsa celebrations — the shortest month of the year bids farewell to the winter season. Things are looking up! As usual, the new issue brings you a selection of the most anticipated events of the month, hotel news, restaurant premieres, car reviews, trendy gadgets, great reads, the best watches, and fashion brands. Among this edition’s special reviews: a detailed report about the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, Geneve, a journey through Transylvania, a gastronomic study of complex carbohydrates in the article “Healthy grain”, and the importance of learning languages.

A note to the foreign readers of Aeroflot Premium — you can find our articles and writers’ columns in English.

Aeroflot Premium – February 2018 (PDF file) 

Aeroflot Style

Aeroflot Style cover

In accordance with established tradition, our February issue is all about jewellery. This winter, semiprecious stones are centre stage. Violet is the colour of the season, so keep an eye out for jewellery displaying amethysts, tanzanites, and sapphires. Our feature investigates jewellery designers’ favourite stones.

There is plenty to look out for at the moment on the catwalks. Three key trends this February are checks, romantic flounces, and printed hearts. Our analytical review investigates technological clothes made from vinyl, rubber, and plastic. Before setting off for the shops, why not take a look at our guide to using pink (this season’s in colour) in contemporary life?

Carefree ponytails and buns are the current trend in hairstyles. This month, we learn how to plait them and identify which of today’s beauty products are the most progressive.

This issue’s principal personalities are Michelle Williams, Alison Brie, and Bella Hadid.

For those celebrating Valentine’s Day we recommend cafes for dates, heart-shaped lipsticks, and the ideal hotel for a weekend away. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Aeroflot Style – February 2018 (PDF file)