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Greetings from Vitaly Saveliev, General Director of PJSC "Aeroflot – Russian Airlines"

General Director of PJSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines Vitaly Saveliev

Dear Passenger,

Welcome aboard this Aeroflot aircraft.

I hope you enjoy your flight. We do our best to make your journey comfortable and pleasant, and we are happy when our efforts are recognised, especially by our passengers.

This year, Aeroflot was once again awarded at the World Airline Awards, which is organised every year by Skytrax — the world’s leading authority on airline and airport service quality — it is known unofficially as the Oscars of the aviation industry. Aeroflot was named Best Airline in Eastern Europe for the seventh time. This result undoubtedly testifies to the high level of our service.

It is worth noting that winners are determined based on the world’s largest passenger satisfaction survey. In 2018, 335 airlines competed for the awards with more than 20 million travellers from 100 countries taking part in online voting.

When choosing winners, travellers pay particular attention to the quality and variety of the onboard menu. This year, we made a significant step forward: for the first time Aeroflot scooped the award for Best Premium Economy Onboard Catering of any airline worldwide. This shows that our “high cuisine” successfully competes with the onboard catering of the world’s aviation elite.

The quality and assortment of the onboard beverage selection is equally important. Last month, Aeroflot took leading positions at the Wines on the Wing airline wine competition organised by Global Traveler, a high-end US magazine targeting luxury travellers. Aeroflot won the category of Best International Business-Class White Wine and was also highly commended for its Business Class champagne, which ranked second overall in its category.

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We have already witness Russia host the greatest event on Earth, the FIFIA World Cup. We watched the best of the best with baited breath and cheered with all our hearts. The moment France lifted the trophy at a packed Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow the pundits started drawing conclusions, the fans rewatched the best goals, and the players either held their heads up high or retreated to the safety of their luxury homes with tails between legs. Faithful supporters travelled across Russia to the 11 host cities and further afield, and we hope people from all over the world will now be even more enthusiastic about exploring our great country with the help of Aeroflot. Included in this month’s magazine are photos of the fearless fishermen who ply their trade off the coast of Nakhodka, the symbolism of Boretsky painting from the shores of the Northern Dvina, the country’s best golf resorts, the magic of Dagestan, and the top five Russian soups.

AEROFLOT – August 2018 - September 2018 (PDF file) 


Aeroflot cover

In the September issue of Aeroflot magazine we will tell our readers about the most interesting sporting and cultural events of the upcoming month, as well as new books and films.

Actor and director Yevgeny Mironov will reveal why there is no backstage scheming at Moscow’s Theater of Nations, and why it makes somebody's life a bit more complicated; director and screenwriter Natalia Meshchaninova will share what she learned about people, foxes, and Central Asian Shepherd dogs while filming “Core of the World”; and science communicator Asya Kazantseva will give a few pointers as to what to read when getting ready for a blind date.

The Travel section will reveal why you’d better skip Juliet’s house and go to some other places if you really want to feel the romantic ambiance of Verona, how to add some adrenaline and breathtaking views to your trip to Northern Italy, why you should go see farms in Germany in a campervan, where in Crimea you can taste dishes favored by Russian emperors and Soviet GenSecs, and what kind of magic words you need to know to see Uzbekistan in all its glory. The cherry on top is our insider’s guide to Madrid, made for our readers by residents of Spain’s capital and rife with hidden masterpieces, secret gardens, and bohemian cafes.

Carbonara with smoked pancetta, ultra-thin pizza made in a wood-fired oven, and Sicilian sausage measured in meters: as you taste dishes by certain Moscow’s restaurants, you’ll find it hard to shake the feeling you are somewhere in the Apennines. To find out where in the Russian capital you can enjoy genuinely Italian cuisine, feel free to check our little dossier.

Our Reading section features excerpts from “Before Moving”, a collection of travel essays by Gleb Zhoga, which will remind you how easy it is to turn a trip into an adventure. All you really need for this is to set unusual goals and to trust unexpected guides.

Aeroflot – September 2018 (PDF file) 

Aeroflot Premium

Aeroflot Premium cover

The September issue of Aeroflot Premium explores the topic of movement as a vital force in human life. We’ve gathered a wide range of editorial material and invited experts from a breadth of domains, in order to explore this phenomenon. Among the exclusive editorials in this journal: movement along the earth’s surface — previewing the Paris Motor Show; movement on water — a review of the Monaco Yacht Show and Cannes Yachting Festival; moving through the air — the flight of a golf ball over Russia’s best landscapes; the movement of energy — travelling through Tuva among the sound of Tuvan throat singing; the movement of ideas — the issue’s main protagonist, the director of the Hermitage Mikhail Borisovich Piotrovsky tells Aeroflot Premium about the absolute value of art and the rightful place of the museum in contemporary life.

As always, this latest issue presents a selection of the most interesting and highly anticipated events of the month, hotel news, restaurant premieres, the latest automotive reviews, the newest gadgets, books worth reading, as well as the best jewelry and fashion trends of the season.

Columns and editorial material in English await foreign readers of Aeroflot Premium.

Aeroflot Premium – September 2018 (PDF file) 

Aeroflot Style

Aeroflot Style cover

The heroine of the September issue of Aeroflot STYLE is the business lady. The main item of clothing in the business lady’s wardrobe is the suit, which should be fashionable, convenient, and feminine. We ask ourselves how the strong woman should look today and what stands behind this concept in the age of feminism?

For answers to these questions read our analytical survey in this month’s Fashion section, our piece in Reading, and the column by Yana Melkumova. Our Shopping section is an opportunity to learn how to combine intricately cut jackets with wardrobe basics. The main trends of this month are intense orange and leather. And watch out for jackboots — they’re currently peaking in popularity.

This month’s Jewellery section surveys collections of haute jewellery and looks at the fanciful ideas which have occurred to jewellery designers in response to the change in seasons.

Our Beauty section will repay careful reading for news of the new season’s trends in make up, “tasty” scents, and detailed tips on how to look after your skin after picking up a summer tan.

In our Beauty section we talk about summer detoxes, pack make up for the road, test products containing seaweed, and see what effects crystals have on us.

The principal personalities for this month include Hollywood star Blake Lively, actress Zoe Kravitz, famous perfumer Serge Lutens, and legendary style icon Jackie Kennedy.

Meanwhile, Lifestyle reveals the world’s trendiest co-working spaces and the most interesting design hotels. This month we fly to Cannes, Paris, Bodrum, and the Himalayas — in search of new impressions and new meaning in life!

Aeroflot Style – September 2018 (PDF file)