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Company News

27 June 2007

To The 70TH Anniversary Of Aeroflot’s First Flight To Sweden

Today it is 70 years since the first flight to Sweden. Aeroflot performed the first flight to Stockholm on June 27, 1937 by the aircraft Douglas DS-3. The crew consisted of two pilots Demtchenko and Timoshenko, a mechanic, a wireless operator and a  representative of the Swedish airline company АВ Aerotransport.
 The flight of Aeroflot to Stockholm at the airport of Broma was met by Alexandra Kolontay, the USSR ambassador in Sweden.

Since June 30 to September 1937 Aeroflot performed regular flights to Stockholm by the aircraft Douglas DS-3 three times a week. The flight on the route Stockholm-Moscow had two stops in Riga and Velikiye Luki. Since September 10 flights were performed by the aircraft ANT-35 (PS-35) fitted with the US engines Wright Cyclone – 840hp.

Aeroflot was one of few airline companies that continued flights to Sweden after the beginning of WWII.

Within 1940 - 1941 there were two flights a week Moscow-Stockholm, and on June 21, 1941, the flights to the airport of Broma were suspended. After this there were flights for servicing state visits. In 1942 the flights were mainly performed by the aircrafts DS-3 and LI-2.

After WWII Aeroflot resumed regular flights to Sweden only in spring 1956 on the route Moscow-Riga-Stockholm by the aircrafts IL-14 and IL-12.

On March 31, 1960, Aeroflot started exploiting turbo-prop aircrafts IL-18 that flew to the airport Broma till international flights were transferred to the airport Arlanda.

At the moment Aeroflot has seven flights a week on the route Moscow-Stockholm-Moscow by А319.

Within recent five years 281 thousand passengers have been carried on this line. Since October 2006 Aeroflot has been fruitfully cooperating with the airline company SAS within the frameworks of the code-sharing agreement.

To the 70th anniversary of flights Aeroflot jointly with the Russian Embassy in Sweden arranges some solemn events with participation of air authorities and representatives of the Swedish community. Passengers flying today to/from Moscow and Stockholm will be presented special souvenirs.

JSC “Aeroflot – Russian Airlines” (AFLT) is a certain leader of civil aviation in Russia, actually a national carrier. Being the largest domestic airline company it transports over 7 mln. of people annually and together with its subsidiaries – about 9 mln., i.e. 23% of the total amount of Russian air passengers.  With a fleet of 90 air crafts it flies to 93 destinations in 47 countries (302 flights a day). The company controls 51% of the Russian market of regular international flights and about 12% of domestic flights. Net profit in 2006 made 7,9 bln. rubles ($258,1 according to IFRS).

Aeroflot is one of the oldest airline companies and one of the most known commercial brands in the world. The company was founded in 1923; it is based in Moscow in the international Sheremetyevo airport. In 2006 Aeroflot became the first Russian airline company to enter the global alliance SkyTeam. Joint route network of the alliance includes 728 destinations in 149 countries that gives Aeroflot passengers boundless opportunities of choice. Bonus programs of all alliance partners extend to Aeroflot clients. More information about SkyTeam benefits is available at www.skyteam.com.

Aeroflot is the only certified operator of international operational safety audit (IOSA) in Russia.

Tickets to Aeroflot flights with on-line payment, technology of e-ticket and more detailed information about the company are available at www.aeroflot.ru.