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Company News

22 August 2007

Aeroflot, Snecma Services, «ВАРЗ- 400» Create A Company For Repairing Airplane Engines

Today, 22nd of August OJSC «Aeroflot», company SNECMA Services and OJSC «ВАРЗ-400» signed a Memorandum on mutual understanding in relation to conducting joint work for researching possibilities for creating in Russia a joint venture for technical servicing, for repair and overhaul of aircraft engines CFM56, that are installed onto the airplanes with А320 and В737 series. Memorandum signed by the general director of OJSC «Aeroflot – Russian airlines» Valeri Okulov, president of the company SNECMA Services M. Jean-Lin Fournereaux and by general director of OJSC «ВАРЗ-400» Aleksey Chernishov,  confirm reached by the parties agreement about joint engineering until the middle of 2008 possibilities and conditions of realizing the present project.

As noted by the technical director, chief manager of the air-technical complex of Aeroflot Uri Belih, «preliminary analysis of the Aeroflot specialists and company SNECMA Services  demonstrates practicability of creating on the Russian territory a company for repairing engines CFM56 for increasing the affectivity of their exploitation and repairs for Russian air companies. Repair and maintenance of engines in the company, located in Russia, will allow, in particular,  lower expenses for their transportation and customs clearance,   will reduce the time of producing these works».

Aeroflot actively operates aircrafts А320 with engines CFM56 and expands their park. By 2010 in the company’s air park there will be 56 aircrafts of this range. Intensive growth of engine CFM56 park is happening not only in Aeroflot, but also in other air-companies, that use airplanes А320 and В737.

Company SNECMA Services is a global leader in the field of technical servicing, repair and overhaul of engines CFM56. OJSC «ВАРЗ-400» is a leading business in the field of technical servicing and repair of aircrafts and airplane engines of Russian production, has modern technical base and qualified personnel.