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Company News

24 October 2007

Aeroflot Shifts to the Winter Schedule

From October 28 2007 the Open Joint Stock Company “Aeforlot-Russian Airlines” imposes winter schedule, which will operate till the 29 of March 2008. Compared to the previous year Aeroflot’s route net has felt the augmentation of transit journeys and decrease of connection time in Sheremetyevo 1 and Sheremetyevo 2 terminals. The completion of aircraft fleet makes it possible to rise the frequency on most actual destinations, as well as initiate the collaboration of Aeroflot with foreign partners.

Possessing a park of 81 aircraft, the group arranges its own flights in 93 directions in 47 countries. It will arrange 69 destinations in cooperation with other airlines (53 destinations abroad and 18 destinations within Russia). Being a part of the SkyTeam Alliance Aeroflot will give customers the capability of using branching network with easy connections with affiliate airlines.

In the new schedule all of the succeeding flights are feasibly augmented in frequency:

In the Sochi direction (from 13 to 21 flight a week), to Irkutsk (from 14 to 21 flight a week), to Krasnodar (from 21 to 28 flights a week), to Mineralnie Vodi (from 8 to 14 flights a week), to Novosibirsk (from 14 to 21 flight a week), to Perm (from 7 to 14 flights a week), to Athens (from 4 to 7 flights a week), to Hanover (from 3 to 7 flights a week), to Hong Kong (from 3 to 5 flights a week).

Primarily, the schedule will be supported by 81 Aeroflot aircraft and permanent reserve affordability. At the end of the period the fleet will be supplemented with the Airbus А319/320/321 aircrafts that will also be operating on the ongoing term.

“Aeroflot-Russian Airlines” (AFLT)-the undisputed leader in the civil aviation in Russia, the national carrier. Being the largest airline company on the territory of the country, transports over seven million people a year, together with associated companies – about nine million, that makes 23% of the Russian air transport passengers. Possessing a park of 81 aircraft, the group arranges its own flights in 93 directions in 47 countries (302 flights in total). It controls 51% of the Russian market of international flights, almost 12% of domestic flights. The Net profit in 2006 was 7.9 billions of rubles. (Consolidated profit for Aeroflot Group constituted 258.1 million USD by IFRS).

Aeroflot presents as one of the oldest airlines companies and is one of the most famous brands in the world.

The Company was founded in 1923 with headquarters in Moscow in the Sheremetyevo International Airport. Aeroflot was the first airlines company in Russia to join SkyTeam global alliance in 2006. Joint route net comprises 728 destinations in 149 countries, and it gives Aeroflot’s client the infinite choice opportunity. The bonus system is available to the customers from all the alliance partners of Aeroflot. Information on the advantages from becoming part of SkyTeam- www.skyteam.com

Aeroflot is a single certified operator on terms of the international aviation safety operation standard IOSA.

At www.aeroflot.ru tickets to Aeroflot flights may be bought by on-line paying electronic tickets technology and one may learn more on Aeroflot Company.