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Company News

29 October 2007

Joint-Stock Company TERMINAL and Management Company Munich airport

On October 11, in Munich Open Joint Stock Comoany “Terminal”, ingaged in construction of Sheremetyevo 3 Airport Hub Terminal, has signed a contract with the Flughafen Muenchen GmbH (FMG) stipulating delivery of services aimed at preparation and commissioning of the Sheremetyevo 3 Terminal. The FMG has been selected as a partner company on a basis of the tended, held in view of criteria of experience and skills of bidders in realization of similar projects and price of the services offered. The scope of works omn commissioning of the new terminal includes establishing of efficient business processes and operations in accordance with the best world practices, training of the “Terminal” JSC’ and the “Aeroflot” JSC’ personnel to ensure future independent operation of the new Terminal

The strategy of the “Terminal” JSC is based on creation of the international hub and organization of all operations in compliance with the top international standards, provisioning of the most comfortable and appropriate conditions for all the passengers.

The operators of the new international terminal are expected to be the “Aeroflot” JSC within the frameworks of its aviation related operations (booking, registration, baggage processing, connections) and the “Terminal” JSC within the frameworks of its non-aviation operations (concessions and infrastructure management) with engagement of the international top level professionals.

“Terminal” JSC is fully implementing the best international practices in the field of airport operation business to ensure highest performances of the new terminal: securing of minimum possible connections gaps, reduction of waiting time and processing time, wide offer of most modern and complete passengers’ services.

The FMG - Flughafen Muеnchen GmbH is the world recognized leader in the field of consulting services related to preparation and commissioning of the new airports. In 2007 the “Skytrax” rating agency has awarded the FMG with the “European Airport No. 1” and the “World Airport No. 4” ratings.

Currently the FMG is providing with strategic support the ”British Airways” and the ВАА within the frameworks of the program of commissioning of the Terminal 5 airport ”London Heathrow“ (Project Т5), ”Hyderabad International Airport Limited“, the member of the ”GMR Group of Companies“ (India), within the frameworks of commissioning of the new airport in the city of Hyderabad, which is scheduled on March, 2008, INECO/AENA in commissioning of the new central passenger terminal in ”Barcelona International Airport“ in Spain, and range of other projects. Totally for the last 15 years the Munich Airport has successfully accomplished 7 different projects dedicated to opening new airports and passengers’ terminals.

Joint Stock “Company Terminal” has been founded in November 2003 as the special purpose company (SPC), to which the “Aerofolot” JSC has granted the rights and obligation in connection with realization of the Project. The shares of the “Terminal” JSC belong to the “Aeroflot” JSC, the “Vneshtorgbank” JSC and the “Vnesheconombank” JSC.